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Florida Fundies using Trans-Scare Tactics

Filed By Waymon Hudson | July 24, 2008 2:00 PM | comments

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The rightwing group, Citizens for Good Public Policy (insert eye roll here), have launched a campaign to repeal the recently passed gender identity protection clause in Gainesville, Florida. In January, commissioners voted to include the phrase "gender identity" in the anti-discrimination ordinance that guarantees equal access to housing, employment, public accommodation and credit.

The commercial shows a little girl on a playground walking into a bathroom. She is followed shortly after by a suspicious looking man. A black screen then flashes the words: "your City Commission made this legal."

CGPP says the recently passed protections "will allow sexual predators into public restrooms." Ugh.

Video after the jump...

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The petition currently being circulated would bar the city from offering resident protections beyond those included in Florida's Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act does not mention sexual orientation or gender identity. City officials say the broad language of the group's petition would deny discrimination protection to gays, lesbians and bisexuals as well.

Citizens for Good Public Policy, led by Cain Davis (a member of the Alachua County Republican executive committee), has until July 29 to collect 5,581 signatures to place a charter amendment on the 2009 ballot. Davis estimates they need about 2,000 more signatures to get the issue on the ballot. Said Davis

This is not about being against a homosexual agenda, this is about looking out for the people in the city.

When will this disgusting fear mongering end? This is just like the anti-trans "shower scare" tactics used by a Maryland group last year that I blogged about.

Like other fundie groups before them, CGPP is creating an atmosphere of hate that not only furthers their narrow, bigoted viewpoint, but also makes it dangerous and potentially violent for trans and gender variant people living in their community.

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Ugh. Of course it's a sweet little blonde white girl too.

I know, DDog. This entire video and webiste made me want to throw up and punch someone all at the same time...

Umm, do any of these people realize that little girls are more likely to be sexually abused by someone in their own family - like a dad, uncle, male cousin, etc.? It's pretty shameful that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused as children. By straight men, no less. So what this group really needs to do if it actually cares about the children is to ban straight males from public restrooms, and private homes. Fuck off!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 25, 2008 3:38 AM

But fear and lack of understanding is all they have to work with. I am sad to admit the amount of prejudice I have just had to wait to die off. Once they have an opinion/stereotype/prejudice haters are usually loath to reconsider or change it.

Hi, I am one of the G'ville transdykes who testified to the Commission in January and yes, many (most) of those in opposition were angry, thuggish, fundies from one particular church, The Rock and that church isn't even in Gainesville. In fact this whole opposition movement is being orchestrated by folk frome somewhere else. Literally and figuratively. But even if they get on the ballot we are gearing up to defeat them at the ballot box.

I know, that commercial's pretty racist. And maybe if the kids weren't screaming so much it would have more of an effect....

Wait, was that dude meant to be trans? Was he like a transman/pedophile? Or was he a cisman/pedophile who researched non-discrimination acts extensively to find the exact city in which to attack, and then didn't even bother to shave or put on a clean shirt when he went out there?

These people are dumb, but they've got the emotional blackmail thing down. Like Serena points out, they ignore the girls who are sexually molested in their families, and those people who seek to molest in the family use cultural protections of family's privacy to do what they do. And these groups all the while protect the family as a cohesive, safe unit, even when it shouldn't be or isn't.

Talk about distraction politics. Why are they supporting the pedophiles?

@Alex Blaze
"Talk about distraction politics. Why are they supporting the pedophiles?"

I agree with the rest of your comment about the ridiculous nature of this commercial. However, I think it's important to note a distinction between pedophilia and child molestation, especially in the context of abuse in the family. It is not necessary to have an attraction to pre-pubescent children (pedophilia) or pubescent and post-pubescent adolescents (ephebophila) in order to molest them, and many individuals who have either of these diagnoses do not molest children. "Supporting the pedophiles" actually involves therapy, observation, and treatment. Supporting child molesters, on the other hand, can be done by, as you said, "protect[ing] the family as a cohesive, safe unit, even when it shouldn't be or isn't," among other similar practices. Civil rights for trans people are not among these practices.

"Men in dresses molesting our children" is a red herring and ignores the true sources of child molestation in the US and around the world. It is very saddening to me that individuals and groups who claim to care about children are being taken in by this kind of rhetoric, and spending money to deny civil rights to trans people when there are much better ways to protect children.

I don't understand what's so hard about mounting counter advertising depicting what the public all knows as truth that your more likely to be molested by a man claiming god.Posters of two republican men doing the republican mating foot shuffle in the mens room.Or how about a picture of a Catholic priest and a kid to scare them.Amy

Great idea, Amy. Fight fire with fire. Show Larry Craig entering the bathroom after another guy enters.

"The Religious Right thinks this is how bathrooms should operate. Do you?"


I love it how they don't even mention anything trans or even show a trans person going into the bathroom. Instead, it's obviously male what with the stubble.

How about a commercial that shows a woman, a girl and a trans woman all entering the potty at the same time? You still stay outside the door, but soon here three toilets flush and then they exit. "This is how bathrooms are supposed to function. Hysteria over a bathroom should have stopped when we switched to Charmin over Sears and Roebuck."

Bill I like your idea about having three persons go into the bathroom together - a girl, a woman known to the public, and a transwoman.

Fortunately for me I haven't had any bathroom troubles. Six years ago when I first came out I worried when ever a mother would come into the bathroom I was using with her children. We are there for the same thing as everyone else - to use the facilities and then go on our way.

This ad is so frightening, and it seems like this particular scare tactic might be catching on across the country. I wonder if there's just a rhetorical debt to the recent Focus on the Family campaign, or if Focus is actually actively involved in financing this campaign too? Does anyone know?

Focus on the Family did help fund the Maryland case I blogged about (the "shower scare" group), but I've looked at current funding for the Gainesville group and they have only raised a few hundred dollars according to their latest contribution filings. As more of their financials come out, I’ll let you know.

I will say that the rhetoric from the commercial and on their website is directly from FOTF and other fundie groups.

Hello from Gainesville, Florida. As a citizen of this fine city I became aware of this issue after hearing about the initial city commission meeting on January 28th.

On the Gainesville city website is footage of that evening's meeting. I was not present but I did watch the recording. What I saw was a broken system of government. What I mean by this was that those with a vested interest in the ordinance showed up en mass and voiced their opinion regarding the ordinance. Approximately 90% of the citizens were opposed to the ordinance for various reasons. Commissioner Craig Lowe and Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan repeatedly spoke to the citizens in patronizing tone and language throughout the meeting. On a vote of 4 to 3 the ordinance was passed despite very vocalized concerns regarding the language of said ordinance.

Our city commission failed to represent their constituents that night and this is what appalled me the most. They put and continue to put their personal interest/opinion over that of the people who elected them.

I have noticed consistent slander and name calling from many proponents of the ordinance against the CGPP group. Labels such as "bigots", "hatemongers", and "homophobes" are commonly used. The majority of people using such language have not even talked with the CGPP to hear their point of view. I see this as extreme hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy comes in the form of stereotyping and hate speech. I also see these people passing judgment on a group of people they have never met. Those who are so "open minded" and "equality supporting" sure do generate a lot of hate speech and slander against a group of individuals who are exercising their constitutional rights as citizens of this country. Regardless of their point of view it does not warrant this disparagement.

I hope those of you who use such language would examine yourselves then look and see whether or not the group Citizens For Good Public Policy speak in such an immature, vile, and slanderous manner.

If you really do believe that your side is on the moral high road then why not reflect it in your actions and words to set an example.

With that being said I am against the ordinance. I personally know many of the members of the CGPP and they are loving people who genuinely do not hate LGBT individuals. In fact it was suggested to the city commission to merely remove the language loop hole that would allow sexual predators to enter bathrooms. The city commission ignored the request and the next step was the petition. You don't hear about that now do you?