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Happy birthday, Bilerico Project!

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Editors' Note: Projector Rebecca Berfanger sends in her birthday wishes to TBP. Rebecca is an Indianapolis native and has her B.A. (Ball State, 2000) and M.S.J. (Northwestern, 2005) in journalism. She has written legal and entertainment articles for print and online media, and volunteers for HIV/AIDS awareness groups in Indianapolis. Be her friend at the Indiana AIDS Walk's MySpace page.

BerfangerRebeccaPhoto1.jpgI first started reading the Bilerico report when it was still based in Indiana -- before the site "went national." Since learning about the site, I've corresponded with Bil Browning and others he has introduced me to for two reasons: 1) my job as a reporter for Indiana Lawyer; and 2) in my spare time I'm a marketing team volunteer for the two annual events that support the efforts of the Indiana AIDS Fund.

At Indiana Lawyer, I cover social justice issues, such as civil rights/issues of the LGBT community (hate crime legislation, marriage equality, estate planning issues for GLBT persons, ENDA, and legal issues of people living with HIV/AIDS). I make it a point to check out Bilerico at least a few times a week and also subscribe to the site's daily e-mail updates to see if there's anything I may have missed. Bil himself has also been a great resource when I need suggestions for attorneys, including a few Bilerico contributors, who can speak to me about the issues I report on.

As for my volunteering, I do online marketing for the Indiana AIDS Walk & Ride every fall, which is coming up in about three months on Saturday, Oct. 11, and Spotlight, a performing arts event every April. I also moderate the MySpace page for both events. Bilerico is not only a MySpace friend but also one of our top friends. Bil has been extremely supportive of Indiana AIDS Fund events by promoting them through postings on his site, and by giving away Spotlight tickets to Bilerico readers.

I've also recommended the site to others with an interest in LGBT issues, LGBT and allies alike, with the hope they might tell their friends but more importantly that, like me, they'll learn something or think about things a little differently than they might have before reading the various viewpoints this site has to offer, both on the Indiana Bilerico and the national Bilerico Project.

So congrats on hitting one year and on all your successes, and here's to many more. I know I'll keep reading and recommending.

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Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca! You were one of our first readers and I love it every time you comment since it shows me you're still with us. :)