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It's a joke, until someone ends up dead

Filed By Mike Rogers | July 25, 2008 12:00 PM | comments

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When I first heard that anti-gay Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern was caught taking a gun int the state capitol, I made a joke out of it...


I decided to go a more serious angle after Howie Klein reminded me of a much more serious angle:

My panic was based on another local legislator, Dan White, sneaking a gun into City Hall in November, 1978 and murdering a friend of mine, San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, and Mayor George Moscone, the father of another friend. It was a traumatic day for the entire city of San Francisco but especially for the gay community, Harvey having been the first openly gay man elected to any high profile office in America.


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About Ms. Kern, I wish the cop had used his brain and locked her up. I'm sure they have laws against the insane carrying guns, even in OK.

As for the gun, I quote the late Ronnie Van Zant:
"Mr. Saturday Night Special,
Got a barrel that's blue and cold,
Ain't good for nothin',
But puttin' a man 6 feet in a hole."

I'd like to tell Sally Kern what to do with hers, too.......put the barrel in her mouth and pull the trigger.....

This post is great. It reminds us that as much as we want to make fun of crazy Sally Kern, she should be treated as a very dangerous person. People with that much hate, like Dan White, can do horrible things against our community with violence.

Gerri Ladene | July 25, 2008 9:38 PM

Kern said in her tight-lipped response about the gun "It was an honest mistake from being out of my routine, you know," just what is her routine? She claims to have had death threats against her person since the homophobic statement she made found its way into the news, but this is not the reason she caries a gun into the Capital building since she also stated that she had carried it long before the YouTube exposure so its not the gays that caused her to pack a piece! Sally Kern really is a nut job!

Since it is political suicide to be racist today then racists have to focus their bigotry elsewhere and choose another target for their hatred! To create hatred you need conflict, to cause conflict you need blame, to create blame you need fear and fear can be created from lies! Well, we know Kern is a liar and the mentality of people like her because she knows she can’t say Niger and say that blacks are a threat but Homosexual is acceptable because there’s no law against it and it gives her an outlet for her bigotry and this makes her a danger to society! She is absolutely the poster child for Hate Crime Law!

What happens when you scare people into thinking that a certain group of people targeted as being worst than terrorists are a threat? Rep Kern is a hypocrite and she is proud of it, OK’s version of homophobic KKK in the State Capital. It really is scary to think that there are enough people in OK that think like Kern to have voted her in! Rep. Kern has no compassion for people, by pointing a finger at a segment of society (GLBT) and making them out to be worst than terrorists, worst than Islam is nothing less than a fear inciting statement to make and surely innocent people will suffer by the hands of those who hang on to her every word and all others who keep spouting off their hatred from Public Servant offices.

What’s worse is that she made these statements before and it never got media attention, and you know what happens when you repeat a LIE enough times. Example; current Executive Administration and a large portion of Congress! It's shameful that any person in a position of public trust would use that position to instigate a vision of fear of people who for the most part are nothing more than hard working tax paying Americans who wish the same protection for themselves and their loved ones the same as any American. It’s so easy for an Oklahoma Politician like Kern, considering the tragic bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, to use the word terrorist and make that less of an evil than the subject of her hatred, the gay community, to create an image of fear and anger and cause distrust of innocent people.

Maybe it’s her lack of acceptance of her gay son that has her willing to cause senseless harm to toward others like him. Anyways, Rep. Kern will always be known as a gun toting, propaganda spouting, and religious bigot from now on! Want to know more about Kern? Go here http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2008/03/some_family.php to see what a fanatic Reichist believes is good!

Maybe it’s not Sally’s fault that she is the way she is considering that she is married to a Baptist Minister! That could cause irreparable damage to any woman’s sanity, LOL!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 25, 2008 10:07 PM

One thing that I do not expect to see is a picture op of Obama with a shotgun torturing ducks somewhere to prove that he is "just one of the guys."

Gosh, I hope I'm right!

Thanks for crossposting this, Mike. I saw Howie's post too and also thought it was worth thinking about. He's right.

She's an easy target to make fun of and to poke with a stick. But when you poke the bear, you have to be careful that it doesn't attack or else you realize you're doing something stupid and put down the stick and trap the bear.

I think Sally Kern is doing her best to trap herself.

Someone is going to get in her face someday and she will shoot them.

That person on the ground will likely be one of our activists.

And she will walk on a "self defense" because of the "death threats"

And the right will fete her at events around the nation...