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Wet, wild and socialist

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After taking a four day weekend, my inbox has filled up with tips from readers and PR reps. I thought I'd throw out the best of them early this morning while I work on some other posts.

  • has an excellent photo series from the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatic Championships. Water polo, divers, you name it. While this guy definitely qualifies as a bulge-packing hottie, you'll find all sorts of body types as well as casual pictures of fans and competitors. A couple of my other favorites are after the jump. Of course, you can clickety to embiggen.
  • Speaking of swimming, Glenden Brown takes a look at the speedo. "I wonder if perhaps the objection to the speedo on the old guy is about the way in which the speedo does not disguise, shield, or hide a man's sex organs, and our societal discomfort with sexuality and older people."
  • has launched a new web series. Call me Joe is a five-part series that tackles heavy issues using adult puppetry and tongue-in-cheek humor. The plot follows Dave, an HIV positive guy who dates an ass... literally.
  • Friend of the blog, Scott-O-Rama, is packing it up and closing down his blog.
  • Socialism and Homosex: Ohio State professor rediscovers an important slice of gay history.

This guy is my favorite hottie. I love how he's all stretched back and he has a beautiful smile.


Oh, what a body. From the looks of the 5 o'clock shadow though, I'm a-gonna guess he shaves his chest. Whattaya think?

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Bil- You always find the best pictures... LOL

The article about socialism is really interesting and a great read.

You know the whole Speedo issue is one that has fascinated me for a long time. On one hand, you do seem to see *everything*. However, in actuality, all you see is the outline of shapes underneath cloth. In that regard, it isn't any different than seeing the shape of women's breasts through clothing. Yes, I know breasts aren't genitalia; but given their sexualized nature, it seems like an apt comparison.

So if it's not obscene to see breasts through clothing, why would it be to see "the package"? And yet...

When I first moved to Seattle, there was a lot of attention about the Mariners' star pitcher Randy Johnson. But I couldn't tell what they were calling him. It sounded like the Big Unit. But I was certain a Major League ball player couldn't possibly have such an obscene nickname in a family friendly sport. But the only alternative I could decipher was the Big Eunuch, which would be decidedly the opposite. It occured to me that no professional ballplayer would permit himself to be called that. Not exactly an intimidating handle.

So it came down to which I thought was more unacceptable. Calling someone a "big penis" or "no balls". At 6'7", he is apparently a Big Unit. What does that tell us about our culture?