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Paging Dina McGreevey

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I can't imagine she is that stupid. He's probably unable to get it up and she's probably just fine being a sexless second lady.

Florida Gov. Crist says he's getting married - St. Petersburg Times:

"ST. PETERSBURG -- Florida's most powerful bachelor is getting hitched.

Gov. Charlie Crist, single for nearly three decades, on Thursday morning became engaged to his girlfriend of nine months, Carole Rome.

'She's special in every way. She's brilliant, beautiful and sweet. I'm very, very lucky,' Crist told the St. Petersburg Times in an exclusive interview.

Crist said he picked out the sapphire and diamond ring on Wednesday at the Gold and Diamond Center in St. Petersburg's Northeast Shopping Center."

Just in case, I hope someone tells the woman he is gay. On second thought, I'll work on that.

Update: I called the reporter, Adam Smith, from the paper. Once he started to defend their decision on conspiring to protect Foley, I knew he was a lost cause. I ended the call asking him to please, please have someone warn this woman.

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You know, I dislike Charlie Crist's politics as much as the next progressive person, but the insistence of the LG community that the governor is gay and that his fiancee is setting herself up as the next Dina Matos is distressing, to say the least.

We have reports that Charlie Crist has gay friends and went with them to gay bars. We might call that being an ally. We have reports that Charlie Crist is "effeminate" acting. That is, at best, trashy gossip, and at worst, an embracing and reinforcing of hetero- and cisnormative gender stereotypes that the queer community should be rejecting, not playing into.

Not a single man has ever claimed to have had sex, let alone a relationship, with Charlie Crist. And Crist himself hasn't spoken.

But most importantly, even if he has had sex/relationships in the past with men, bisexuality exists and Charlie Crist may well be bisexual. You know the B that the larger LG community likes to sweep under the rug (or worse) along with the T's? Yeah. And if he is, then getting married to a woman, whether politically expedient or not, is not the doom or the sham that it's being held out to be by those who are, for whatever reason, locking into a well disproven sexual binary and capitalizing on a flurry of nasty speculation in order to cast new, personal aspersions on a man whose political posturing and failures are more than enough grounds on which to be shamed and derided.

This is all just spurious and sleazy.

Right on, Dreama. This:

I can't imagine she is that stupid. He's probably unable to get it up and she's probably just fine being a sexless second lady.

is nothing more than spiteful and tasteless, too close to misogyny and bi-erasure in my opinion.

And since my female partners have been on the receiving end of unwarranted pity and whispers just like what Rogers is guilty of spreading here, i have no tolerance for comments like this that are rooted in biphobia. I do not see what progress is made by sniping at Dina McGreevey, or by questioning anybody's ability to "get it up". Or bragging about calling reporters so someone can "warn this woman". It really just exposes Rogers as a bully more than it exposes Crist as a hypocrite.

The Bilerico Project is usually so full of good analysis and perspective, it really tarnishes the site having sleazy gossip-column nonsense like this.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 6, 2008 11:45 PM

Or is it an attempt to look symmetrical on a Republican Convention Dais with McCain & Co.?

I'm with Robert on this one.

If it's horrible to insinuate that he's gay then it's just as horrible to insinuate that he's bi and the above commenters should be just as quick to label themselves gossip mongers as they have Mike.

This boils down to a simple truism: Where there's smoke there's fire.

Men have claimed to have sex with Crist.
Crist did visit gay bars not just hang out with friends who went to gay bars.
And, dammit, there's a reason why gaydar exists. Is it always 100% correct? No. Life is full of surprises. Intuition though, is often underrated...


I did not insinuate Crist was bi - in fact, i did not comment at all on Crist's orientation. I commented on Roger's tasteless handling of the situation, which is based on faulty logic.

Rogers' theory is if Crist likes men, then he cannot "get it up" for a woman. This is baseless, tasteless, and is not what i read Bilerico for.

How can they nominate Crist for VP, if he's single? Of course, one should also ask how a closeted gay state governor with barely a year in office could be expected to be qualified to serve as a GOP President, if the party nominee croaked. The fact that the nominee is 72 years old would seem to make Crist a singularly poor choice.

One could also ask, what if he were openly GLBT? Would you support them just for being GLBT? Or do they have to have their issue stances pointing the right way. If a GLBT candidate had similar issue stands to Jesse Helms, I couldn't support them.

The GOP is full of closeted people. Mitch McConnell has long been thought to be a crossdresser. We know about Larry Craig. There are others. If they were open, they'd lose the block votes from the Reichers.

Can you say "trophy wife?" I knew you could.

Ah! LOVED the Mr. Rogers reference!

Anyway, I know this falls into the realm of gossip as well since it cannot be substantiated, but I think it adds to the "smoke" referred to above:

My co-worker knows someone who went to college with Charlie and knows for certain that he's gay.

Again, let me be clear, I'm not asserting this is anywhere close to proof, but does seem, for me anyway, to add to the already-tipping scales in favor of it being true that he is indeed gay.

As for the "trophy wife" well, that's just about as obvious. Does she know? Probably. Just like most of the beards that married gay Hollywood stars (and still do) knowing in advance that it was a marriage of convenience only.

But the bigger tragedy in my mind isn't about the wife, but about the hypocrisy of the whole sham: that in this day and age, post-Will-and-Grace, people STILL feel they must go to such lengths to be accepted by society as a whole, and that Charlie doesn't have the guts to stand up and be honest with the public that he obviously wants sooooo badly to represent.

Absolute knowledge have I none
But my aunts washerwoman's sister's son
Heard a policeman on his beat
Say to a laborer on the street
That he had a letter just last week,
Written in the finest Greek
From a Chinese coolie in Timbuktu
Who said that his brother in Cuba knew
Of an Indian chief in a Texas town
Who got it straight from a circus clown
That a man in Klondike had it straight
From a guy in a South American State
That a wild man over in Borneo
Was told by a woman who claimed to know
Of a well known society rake
Whose mother-in-law will undertake
To prove that her husband's sister's niece
Has stated in a printed piece
That she knows a former Catholic Priest
Who knows all about Charlie Crist"
(with sincere apologies to Henry Cabot Lodge and to Reginald Arkell)