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Republican donation letter

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On the right is a letter sent from the RNC treasurer to a Republican republicansweep.jpgand fundamentalist activist in Indiana. The text version is after the jump.

The letter reads like it's begging Kristen to come back to into the party's arms.

Notice how quickly treasurer Tim Morgan asks if Kristen's "given up." It's the first thing that comes to his mind, apparently, and then he accuses her of deserting the party. I knew the GOP base was depressed, but I didn't know that it was actually sad.

The RNC is kicking the DNC's ass when it comes to fundraising, so maybe this tack has merit. Or maybe the party is realizing that while it's doing fine in fundraising, it's losing individual donors, especially those who have some standing in local party activism, and wants to bring them back into the fold and remind them of their stake in the party. Or maybe it's just a bad choice of words from someone who should know better.

Whatever it is, it's pretty funny.

Dear Ms. Luidhardt,

I don't want to believe that you've abandoned the Republican Party, but I have to ask... Have you given up?

Our records show that we have not yet received your Republican National Committee membership renewal for the critical 2008 presidential election year.

As the Treasurer of the RNC, I know our Party's success depends directly on grassroots leaders like you.

So I am surprised and concerned especially because I know how generously you supported President Bush and the RNC in the past. You helped to advance our vision for America and elect Republicans at all levels of government.

Ms. Luidhardt, I know other things come up, and perhaps you've just been delayed in renewing your membership. If that's the case, I understand.

But we've not heard from you this year - - and I hope you haven't deserted our Party.

Your generous financial assistance and active involvement are more important than ever as we work to elect a new Republican president and Congress.

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The best part of this is that Luidhart works for Rep Dan Burton as an internet specialist. Seriously. And posts that - with this in the post on her site:

I've assisted a lot of candidates with fundraising in the past. One thing I've never attempted with any seriousness was guilt.
I've not insulted or berated our prospects for fear that would be DE-motivating.

Apparently the RNC thinks differently.

So the RNC accuses us of abandoning and deserting the party because we haven't sent them an annual contribution?

We're real motivated now.

You can see a bio for her on the Indiana Family Institute's blog, btw.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | July 23, 2008 9:54 AM

Accusing me of deserting the party and making me feel like crap is definitely the way to get me to give money. Not!

Supporters of the GOP should understand by that the party doesn't give a damn about you unless you are rich or gullible enough to give them money.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 23, 2008 10:00 AM

You can be rich and gullible enough (self deluded)to give them money

Perhaps the reason she hasn't donated is that she's broke after buying food and gas all year. Hmmm . . .