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The Fog Rolls In

Filed By Sara Whitman | July 15, 2008 3:30 PM | comments

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I'm back... if you don't count the fact that I'm sitting on a porch watching an enormous fog bank creep in off the ocean.

I still haven't read a paper in over a week. I'm hoping someone got Jesse Jackson back on his medication and everything has quieted down. I am keenly aware of the mounting racism in this campaign- if it had been Clinton? The misogyny would have been off the walls.

Each week that goes by, I get a worse feeling in my stomach. I am starting to think a man who is a total nutcase, older than the hills and the biggest flip-flopper on issues we have ever seen in politics, can actually get elected.

My sister says she can't vote for Obama because his middle name is "Hussein." I love you, my seester, but I'm calling you out on that one. It is perhaps the most racist thing you've ever said. The man is a Christian- that bugs the shit out of me but I'll still vote for him. The alternative is too scary.

McCain is volatile- he's proven that over and over again. If I had better internet connection right now I'd list all the times he lost it or used vulgar language with people, but I don't so you'll have to look it up on your own.

He can't even say the same thing two days in a row. Sure, all politicians give lip service to the crowd in front of them but McCain seems to do it and be indignant when he's called on it.

Oh, yeah, that's because he's mentally unstable.

We re-elected Ronald Reagan even though he was half gone with Alzheimer's. Perhaps we are drawn to horribly dysfunctional people. I look at Obama and I see a married man, with a smart, capable wife, two great kids... um... what's wrong? No drama?

I mean, what do you think Michelle Obama would do if anyone, let alone her husband, called her a cunt? That's the woman I want in the White House as a role model to kids in this country.

Maybe as Americans, we simply like our broken people. Projects. Our current president is clearly stupid and that didn't bother us at all. Stole an election? That's okay; we'll give it to you the next time.

I mean, Phil Gramm calls the entire country "whiners" and babies because of the economic slump and McCain applauds him? What happens? Is he run out of the country by the millions struggling to pay 4.50 a gallon for gas? Is he hounded by the millions losing their homes in the subprmise crisis?

Nope. He raises 22 million dollars for his campaign.

But his middle name is "Hussein?" Please, this is the one time I wished I believed in God so she could swoop down and bitch slap this whole country.

The bank of fog I'm watching roll in is a force of nature. The bank of fog covering American's eyes about the real McCain is a mixture of too much Fox Fantasy News Channel and inexcusable ignorance.

I have a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I honestly am starting to think McCain has a shot at the presidency.

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I think and hope that all of the fog lifts with the first debate. We all know that McCain doesn't do well with tough questions, e.g. Viagra and birth control, why one but not the other? or GLBT adoption? nope its wrong. UGH!

I have no doubt that he will be wiped off the map after the first debate, and I pray that the questions are not given to them beforehand so there cannot be a prepared answer.

I think it seems tighter than it is just because the media loves a horse race. McCain doesn't stand a chance.

If he does win, I'm moving to France. (haha, that's my little joke that I've used like 80 times on this blog.)

Maybe McCain would care more if we were Czechoslovakia.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 15, 2008 11:53 PM

Sara, perhaps you have just had some bad shellfish that resembles McCain. I felt better last night after watching McCain and Obama delivering position speeches.

McCain has the "war experience" advantage.

Obama has the "economy" advantage.

American's care about the economy more than the war because we are reminded every time we fill our tanks on the SUV's that seemed such a good idea to buy two years ago with 48 month financing.

Thanks as always...

Completely McCain non-related... I want to hang out with you in Maine on the beach while the fog rolls in. Just sayin'.

Robert, Americans were buying those $40K SUVs with 72 and 84 month financing, not 48 month. Not to mention the total fools who bought used SUVS that were already 2-3 years old with 60 month financing. Personally, I think they got what they deserved. But I'm still griping about $50 tanksfull for my Toyota.

Seriously, McCain does have a chance. I think his chances will be sabotaged, however, by the future actions of Bush, who looks like he's about to attack Iran. I cannot imagine how anyone could vote for that senile old satrap McCain. He even admitted he knows nothing about economics......I don't think any Republicans do. Not that the Democrats have distinguished themselves recently,either - I'd like to know who supplied the House and Senate with the crack they must have been smoking when they passed the FISA bill. Hopefully the Senate leadership will find something else for Spaghetti Spine Reid to do next year.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | July 16, 2008 9:25 AM

I don't see how McCain can make it.

Revulsion with the Bush Administration is very high. Although even Bush has better poll numbers (26%) than the Democratic Congress, which plummeted to an incredible 12%, below disreputalbe groups like business managers and HMOs!

Dislike for all things Republican is so widespread that Democrats are confidently moving to the right. It began when Barney Frank, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, gutted ENDA. Then the Democrats junked it and the hate crimes bill while adamantly ut were adamantly retaining their own bigoted laws, DOMA and DADT. They support FISA and other anti-constitutional measures and voted to put racists and bigots in the circuit courts and as US attorney general. The Democrats continue to support the war and union busting polices like NAFTA. Obama even wants to add funds to the superstitious (faith) based charities scam so he can get in on the lucrative trade of bribing christian bigots.

The biggest wild card remains the Bradley Effect. The attempt to stir racist opposition was first used in this campaign by Bill and Hillary Clinton and supporters like Geraldine Ferraro. The Republicans will follow up, adding islamophobia. If the race really tightens up then the Bradley Effect could help determine the outcome.

The other wild card is either a direct US attack on Iran or an attack using a client state like Israel. That sort of October Surprise throws everything up in the air. That's why the left keeps inisting that the Democrats impeach Bush and Cheney and why the right opposes impeachment. It's an urgent question.

The good news is that the antiwar movement isn’t fooled by either party's posturing and is preparing antiwar demonstrations at the conventions of both pro-war parties. That'll be followed up with a major organization drive beginning this December. As soon as Obama (or McCain) takes a seat in the Oval Office they’ll be on the hot seat and answerable to a militant and demanding antiwar movement with a growing GI component.

We should do all we can to support the antiwar movements determination and begin formulating our own campaigns for federal anti-discrimination and anti-violence legislation, the repeal of Clintons DOMA and DADT and for same sex marriage equality.

The Democrats, like the Republicans, are a right wing party, a right centrist party to be precise. Voting for them is voting for right wing politics.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 16, 2008 10:36 PM

Polar, I sorry, I didn't know (people could be so crazy as to use) financing beyond 48 months was still used on such a quickly depreciating asset even in the best of times.

I believe the longest I ever financed a vehicle was 36 months and that was because it was interest free financing. (loved that Ford)