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The name they took for themselves was Wraeththu

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"It was said it had started as small groups of youths. Something had happened to them. Perhaps it was just one group. Perhaps, once, on a street corner of a damp, dimly-lit city suburb, an essence strange and huge had reached out from somewhere and touched them, that first group. A catalyst to touch their boredom and their bitterness transforming it to a breathing, half-visible sentience. Oh yes, they changed. They became something like the werewolves my grandmother remembered tales of. Spurning the society that had bred them, rebelling totally, haunting the towns with their gaunt and drug-poisoned bodies; all night-time streets became places of fear. They dressed in strange uniforms to signify their groups, spitting obscenities upon the sacred cows of men, living rough in all the shunned places. The final act of outrage became their fornications amongst themselves amid the debris they had created. The name they took for themselves was Wraeththu."

-- Storm Constantine, author of the Wraeththu trilogy of novels - The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love & Hate, and The Fulfillments of Fate & Desire. The Wraeththu are posthuman hermaphrodites with flower penis/vaginas. They're super violent, very queer, and one of the best reads you can legally have.

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beergoggles | July 17, 2008 10:15 AM

That's been one of my favorite books (ok trilogy) since Left Hand of Darkness. Always glad to see more people reading 'em.