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Win a John Waters autographed movie poster!

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Apparently the last contest was too easy! here-jw_poster.jpgWithin a half hour, two readers had correctly answered, so I gave them both prize packages! Since that prize has already been claimed, let's throw another one out there for Projectors.

This prize package is an autographed John Waters "Movies That Will Corrupt You" poster courtesy of here! tv and a free t-shirt from Queerly Divine!

Let me tell you, that poster is so cool it's hard to give up! We gave a similar one away when we launched and still get random folks e-mailing and asking if we have more. You'll want this!

To win, just leave a comment. Winner will be chosen at random and contributors are not eligible to win. Only one entry per person - duplicates won't count. Contest ends Tuesday morning at 11:29am EST.

Update: The winner was #19 - fantwho! Congratulations!

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I almost met Mr Waters in SF a few years ago, but i was too shy to go up and talk.

A signed poster would be a nice consolation.

What randomizer are you using?

My mom. She doesn't have internet access, so when I need a random comment picked I usually call her up and say, "Pick a number between 1 and X" depending on how many comments there are.

I'll count that one as your entry though. *grins*

But let this serve as a lesson for all of you. Be nice to your my mother.

I pink puffy heart John Waters oh I hope it's me!

i'm in serious need of a movie to corrupt me. how perfect!

Cool poster -- it would look great hanging somewhere in our house.

I know most of the script to Female Trouble by heart!

I was born to have this poster

I have been a John Waters fan since Pink Flamingos!


UdontKnowme | July 7, 2008 7:40 PM

wow, john waters is cool; best simpsons ever!

i work at a gay film arts org (i won't tell you which one). i'd love to make folks jealous by hanging this in my cube.

I went up to Waters at a drag bar in SF after the CA Supreme Court ruling on Marriage to ask for an interview.
Waters: "I'm not working right now sweetie"
Me: "Ok, I still think your shit is dope"

.....what a dork (me)

Wilson46201 | July 7, 2008 9:18 PM

a comment

John Waters autographed poster? OH hell yes!

You can keep the poster and give me his number. he stills has it.

battybattybats battybattybats | July 7, 2008 10:22 PM

Such an awesome poster!

Would you give the poster to a "Hag in a Black Leather Jacket"? I would send up "Roman Candles" "Eat Your Makeup" and jump in a pile of "Mondo Trasho" if I were to win. The "Multiple Maniacs"that entered before me should not win. They should all be reading "The Diane Linkletter Story" and dusting off their "Pink Flamingos" and talking to each other about their "Female Trouble". It's Desperate Living" ruining your "Polyester" with your "Hairspray" but don't be such a "Cry-Baby" about not winning. "Sieral Mom" will come and call you a "Pecker" and "Cecil B DeMented" is coming for a visit. It would be "A Dirty Shame" if he did not see the poster for " John Waters Presents, Movies That Will Corrupt You" Hanging on my wall in "This Filthy World". So dont be a "Fruitcake" give me the prize!!!

Oh, I have to chime in with the John Waters love. And the Bilerico love too. I read it every night.

Gotta love that "Big Bidness," right?

I am very much in the mood to be corrupted! I would love to hang the poster prominently in my home.

Thanks Bilerico

What a cool site, I love free stuff! Keep up the good work!

Hey!!! This is my first time commenting on someone's entry. I wouldn't mind winning a poster and a t-shirt!!! THIS SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!!! John Water's Cry Baby is a Broadway Musical now. It was featured on the Tony Awards!!! I wouldn't mind seeing it. ; )

If for no other reason than to have a better pic of the "cop" on the right-hand side of the poster, I'd want it. (Of course, the fact that I actually AM a John Waters fan doesn't hurt!) Thanks in advance!

John Waters is the best director Out There. Period.

This contest is closed. Look for our new contest at 1:30pm EST

Met John Waters while working ina bookstore in Baltimore. Love him, and have seen every single movie he's ever made.

Bil I call dibs on number X ! us blondes have all the fun!

I was lucky enough to meet John Waters in Philadelphia when he was promoting Pecker. He was very nice and normal and gave me his autograph.
My band named ourselves after Divine's nickname, Divi. We are The Divys

I was lucky enough to meet John Waters in Philadelphia when he was promoting Pecker. He was very nice and normal and gave me his autograph.
My band named ourselves after Divine's nickname, Divi. We are The Divys