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Crist Really Wants to be VP: His Shifting Stance on Marriage Equality

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Let the great flip-flop continue from Florida Governor Charlie Crist on his never-ending quest to become McCain's Vice-Presidential pick.

charlie_crist0507.jpgAccording to the Star Banner:

Also on Monday, Crist said he supported Amendment Two which would constitutionally ban gay marriage in the state. Such unions are already illegal in Florida and Crist has previously shied away from the issue, saying he has a "live and let live" attitude.

Crist's office has not issued a official statement to clarify this latest shift in the Governor's stance, but they reportedly told the Wahington Blade that he hasn't changed his position. Could he perhaps be trying to have it both ways? It wouldn't be the first time he's done that. This is but one of the many swings to the far right from the over-tanned flip-flopper...

Back in December (before any Veep buzz), Crist came out against Amendment 2. According to the Palm Beach Post:

He [Crist] is no help at all. And even though he signed a petition to support the same-sex-marriage ban while he was running for office, he says he's not interested in pushing the issue anymore.

"It's not something that moves me," he said last week.

He signed the petition to get votes in the election, then said he didn't support the Amendment to seem more moderate, and now again seems to shift in order to get fundie street cred for the Veep race. He has also flip-flopped on offshore oil drilling, taxes, and many other issues to become more appealing to McCain and the GOP.

The Governor is desperate to show he is GOP ticket material. The big stumbling block for Crist, however, is the long-standing rumor about his sexuality. How did Crist fight this? Why, release rumors of a "sex tape" with Crist and a woman (which never surfaced), of course! But that wasn't quite enough, so Crist also recently got married to help dispel any questions about his hetero-ness.

He also responded to the rumors in a recent interview:

The governor says he's not surprised that some people think he's getting married, to improve his chances of being picked by John McCain as the Republican vice-presidential candidate. He said nothing could be further from the truth.

Governor Crist also responded to rumors about his sexuality. A reporter asked Crist his reaction to some people's preoccupation with his sexuality, and sexual orientation. Crist responded, "Well, you know, when you're in the public eye, and being governor of Florida that's inevitable, you know, I don't really focus on it, I'm just damn glad I found such a wonderful lady."

Ummm, okay. I don't know of any other Florida Governor this was an issue for. So to say that rumors or same-sex lovin' is "inevitable" because of your office is not quite right, Charlie. That's like Larry Craig saying it was inevitable he'd be busted toe-tapping because he uses restrooms. It's what you do that in the office (or bathroom... or both...) that sparks the discussions.

Normally, I wouldn't care less if he was closeted or not- but if Crist is going to stick his nose into my bedroom by supporting Amendment 2 to pander to conservatives, then it's all going to be fair game. This is too important for flip-flopping and double-talk. By supporting an amendment that would not only ban marriage equality, but also roll back domestic partnerships and take away benefits from our families, Crist is choosing his side.

And it is not on our side.

I guess he thinks he still has a chance to be Vice President and will jump through any hoop to get the nod, even if it means stepping on the LGBT community in Florida to get there.

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He's not married yet, is he? Just engaged.

Flip flopping? That makes him the perfect candidate to reinforce McCain's message.