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Equal means Equal

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"In Massachusetts equal means equal. Today by repealing the nearly century old law, we affirm the right of same-sex couples from out of state to marry in Massachusetts; to enjoy all of the protections of our good laws. Today by repealing this law we continue to lead the way as a national leader. Today by repealing this law we have affirmed the Democratic principle that all people come before their government as equals."

-- Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, after signing a measure repealing a 1913 law that prohibited out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying.

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I don't know if the Governor had this in mind but "equal means equal" is also an elegant way of saying that equal does not mean "special." The Christian Right loves to trot out the phrase "special rights." It is much easier to convince people to oppose special rights in contrast to what GLBT people really want - equal protection under the law. This has become an important part of the turnspeak of intolerance.

"Today by repealing this law we have affirmed the Democratic principle..."

Should be "democratic" small d, not capital D, for as we all know (or at least, those open-minded and non-partisan driven should know) not all Democrats (capital D) support lgbt rights, not all Republicans oppose them.

"In Massachusetts equal means equal."

Unless you are transgender. Now gay people from out of state can be married, how nice for them. In the meantime, the employment nondiscrimination and hate crime bill for transgender people is still in committee. I can go to a wedding and be murdered for being trans and it won't be a hate crime. I can be fired from my catering job by a gay person at their wedding and have no recourse to file a discrimination suit. Sounds Equal to me.