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Father Tony's Confessional

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It is my pleasure to introduce our newest contributor today. self2.jpgI have to admit to some bias on this one; I'm a regular reader of his own blog. You'll know Father Tony as a regular commenter and guest blogger here on the Project and if you haven't been to Farmboyz/Perge Modo, you're missing some of the best writing on the web.

Father Tony is a Roman Catholic priest who has been on an extended vacation from that vocation for many years, but he'll be bringing his priestly sense of comfort and confidence to the Project as our newest advice columnist. His Bilerico column, Father Tony's Confessional, will launch tomorrow.

Please join me in welcoming our newest member of the Bilerico family. I'm confident he'll be an immediate hit with our readers and I'm looking forward to reading his advice (and applying it to my own life!) You can e-mail your questions to

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Woo-hoo!! Welcome to our dysfunctional little family, Father Tony! I'm so glad to have you here!!

Hi Father Tony - Thanks for joining us. I'm looking forward to reading your column.

Welcome Father Tony! Since you are now a Bilerico contributor, I'll share with you one of the few Latin phrases that I know: Illegimatii non carborundum.

Welcome Father Tony to our ever expanding and somewhat wild and crazy family. ;)

Looking forward to seeing your posts

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | August 6, 2008 1:09 PM

Welcome to the asylum Father Tony!

The Wise and Good Father Tony
has given me some of the best counsel of my life.
Prepare for challenge and enlightenment.

Welcome Father Tony. Glad to have you on the Project.

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome.

And Circleinasquare, I do recall counseling you against buying a pair of deco tiger maple veneer night tables you were considering while we were in a junk shop in Brooklyn, but that was because I didn't want to get stuck carrying one of them for you on the subway.

Welcome! Looking forward to your posts.

I think selling yourself as a Roman Catholic priest is really bizarre and on some level a bit psychotic. You left the Church 25 years ago. No bishop in the world would consider you a priest.

Your shtick is delusional. And by parlaying your advice on this site you do a disservice to the LGBT community.

Oh Ryan, go brush up on your sacramental theology and try again.

Dear Ryan,

It's been years since I "sold" myself as anything at all (but I do regret having "given it away" for so many years). Being a Catholic priest is, in and of itself, "bizarre" to use your word. For many years, I kept my status a secret. That shtick was more delusional than this one could ever be. A day came when I realized that this was a major part of who I am, and that I shouldn't deny it any more than I should my sexuality.
About your odd opinion that the bishops of the world would not consider me a priest, the explanation of why you are wrong about this would be lengthy and might be difficult to grasp if you've no knowledge of Catholic sacraments. Fred Astaire explained it best when he sang "No, no, they can't take that away from me."

Glad you joined the team, Father Tony!