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How to tell someone they sound racist

Filed By Bil Browning | August 14, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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This has to be one of the smartest videos I've seen on YouTube. Not only does he give good, practical advice, but it's entertaining too.

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What's great about what Jay Smooth says is: Its so universal, you can use on to call someone out on their homophobia as well.

Thanks for posting this, Jay's videos are great. You need to check out the one he did called "The Gay Hip-Hop Book" if you haven't already. He compares the elusive Gay Rapper to Highlander, with the notion that there can only be one on earth at a time. His observation at the end is one of those things that seems so obvious and yet so profound at the same time.

This is such a great video and, yes, his advice can be used in all kinds of contexts, not just discussions about race. This advice is good to use in personal relationships when there is conflict. Always focus on the action and not the person.

This is a great video. I always hate it when a pol says "I voted for such and such so obviously I'm not a racist." Jeez, a good actions in the past don't let you off the hook when you do something bad in the future.