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It's official: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist endorses marriage amendment

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OK, people, he's now out of the closet on this issue, anyway. Express Gay News clears up the question of the week - does the governor want the GOP VP slot so badly that he'll sh*t on gays and lesbians who don't need a padlocked closet and simply want the right to marry? crist.jpgApparently he does.

A Crist spokesman confirmed that governor Crist is undeniably supporting Amendment 2. On Monday, the governor made a statement during an impromptu barbershop Q & A with reporters. When asked his position on Amendment 2, Crist's reply was surprisingly clear.

"I support it," he said.

On Tuesday, an unidentified Crist staffer told Express editor Dan Renzi that the governor's statement had been a misprint. But on Wednesday, after several calls from the Express, Crist spokesman Sterling Ivey said he was not aware of the denial.

"Yes, he is supportive of it," Ivey said.

So much for live and let live, queen. Kevin Naff of the Washington Blade:

It's just the latest transparent move by Crist to make himself more palatable to GOP conservatives in the hopes of being picked as John McCain's running mate. He recently announced that he's engaged, after living all but seven months of his life single. Crist was briefly married in 1979.

...Until this week, Crist had mostly stayed out of the debate over the Florida amendment, which is unnecessary because state law already bars same-sex couples from marrying. He adopted a "live and let live" approach to the issue. But with national Republican leaders now eyeing him more closely, it was time to butch it up and, naturally, bash the gays.

It's unfortunate that Crist and other rumored closet cases (i.e. Lindsey Graham) refuse to learn from Foley and Larry Craig's mistakes.

And the news of Crist's "straight answer" was a salve to, which rallied to pimp Crist's statement out to the public.

Governor Crist joins dozens of other federal and state elected officials who support the common sense of having the people and not judges define marriage in Florida.

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Crist is a disgusting opportunist. He'll sell out anyone, including our community and himself, to further his political career.

I hope Mike Rogers is all over this jack-ass. He keeps putting his nose into our bedrooms, let's see if he likes it when we do it to him...

Wow. When you deadbolt your closet door from the INSIDE...

Yeah, while I think he's angling for the VP spot, I don't think he'll get it. It's too much of a liability to have the reports of his sexuality that are already out there. Instead, I think he's trying to rile up the Religious Right to come out and vote in November to help keep Republicans in office. It's the same old song and dance.