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Proposition 8 funding

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Here's the break-down of cash in California to either support or oppose Proposition 8, the ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage (7/31 numbers, in millions):

ForAgainst Total
California $2.0$2.8$4.8
Out-of-state $1.3$2.9$4.2
Total $3.3 $5.7$9.0

Well, they did say same-sex marriage would bring money into California, and that's what happening here.

You can click on the link above to see where the money's coming from in-state. San Diego and Los Angeles counties lead in donating money for the ballot initiative, and Los Angeles and San Francisco counties lead in donating money against the initiative.

Terry Caster, owner of A-1 Self-Storage, which operates out of San Diego, has donated $300,000 to support proposition 8 in California. Californians Against Hate has started a campaign to call Terry and ask him why he donated that money. I think this is along the lines of what he's thinking:

Caster, who heads Caster Cos., which owns A-1 Self-Storage and other commercial properties, said he believes that marriage between a man and a woman is fundamental to society.

"Without solid marriage, you are going to have a sick society," he said.

The creator of WordPerfect, Bruce Bastian, has donated a million dollars to the campaign against the proposition. Pacific Gas & Electric gave $250,000 against it as well.

The SF Chronicle has an interesting article about outside funding for or against Proposition 8:

The outside money is arriving in supersized chunks. Focus on the Family, a Colorado Springs group headed by James Dobson, has given more than $400,000 to the Prop. 8 campaign. The American Family Association, out of Tupelo, Miss., has contributed $500,000. The Knights of Columbus, a national Catholic men's organization headquartered in New Haven, Conn., has put $250,000 into the campaign.

The opponents also have cast a national net for donors. The Human Rights Campaign, which works for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights out of its Washington headquarters, has raised more than $570,000 for the fight against Prop. 8. Another Washington group, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, has given $200,000. David Maltz, a Cleveland businessman, has donated $500,000 to the anti-Prop. 8 effort.

That's a whole lot of money on this ballot initiative. The LA Times predicted that about $15 million could be raised by November, but we're already at $9 million several months out from the election.

While there are ballot initiatives happening in both Florida in Arizona to write a ban against same-sex marriage into the Constitution, our community's national attention is on California right now.

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Cali is hugely important, but it is creating a vacuum of money in Florida and AZ. In Florida, out Amendment would not only ban same-sex marriage, but strip away some of the existing protection we do have (like domestic partnership registries, etc). There are lots of deserving places for donors, so I hope they spread the money around.

Waymon, Florida and Arizona are definitely being overshadowed by California. Perhaps you can send out some Fight Out Loud action alerts to let people know there are 2 other states that need assistance fighting discriminatory ballots in November.

BTW.....Congrats on your marriage! We were at the ACLU speakers' training in Wilton Manors Tuesday evening. Your hunk o' husband gave us some excellent insight and information.

That's a mighty nice looking table you built there, Alex. *grins*

Definitely overshadowed, Waymon. And that's still an understatement.