Nancy Polikoff

Provincetown, Not Palm Springs

Filed By Nancy Polikoff | August 01, 2008 9:00 AM | comments

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Tags: California, Governor Patrick, marriage, Massachusetts

You can marry a same-sex partner in That's right. Now. Governor Patrick signed the law and it contains a waiver of the usual 90-day waiting period to take effect.

If you want one less legal headache, cancel the plans for Berkeley and head to the Berkshires. Same-sex marriage is safe in Massachusetts. With California voters deciding in November whether to eliminate marriage there, the marriages performed between now and then will be under a cloud if the anti-gay forces prevail. There will continue to be issues about whether other states will recognize Massachusetts marriages, but at least you'll know Massachusetts won't pull the plug.

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Sorry Nancy;
This NY Lesbian went off to Canada to marry. In fact that was some time ago, before the Monroe decision...

Great advice, Nancy. I thought the same thing; I wouldn't want my marriage to depend on the whims of the voters. I'd rather have the security of going to MA where I know no one is trying to undue marriage.

I guess they got rid of the 90-day waiting period to take advantage of at least some of the summer vacation time.