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Ranking Indiana blog traffic and authority

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A friendly e-mail to Josh Gillespie of Hoosier Access turned into a conversation on blog rankings and how to measure influence.

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Josh referred to the BlogNetNews site that regularly ranks Indiana-based blogs, when he said, "...which mean absolutely nothing, but it's the only real measurement here in Indiana."

Actually, it's not. And the others are much more reliable.

Technorati has the following rankings for the few blogs I put in. You can do others yourself if you'd like. The lower the number, the better the ranking. They are currently tracking 12.8 billion blogs. (All of this is based on your "authority" of how many different blogs have linked to you in the past 6 months. That number is in parentheses after the ranking.) Here's ten blogs I popped in really quick:

  1. Bilerico Project - 6,016 (Top 10k Club!) (564)
  2. Blue Indiana - 20,692 (230)
  3. Hoosier Access - 80,144 (82)
  4. Masson's Blog - 98,888 - (69)
  5. Hoosier Pundit - 139,521 (51)
  6. Hoosier Political Report - 196,406 (37)
  7. American Values Alliance - 358,049 (20)
  8. Advance Indiana - 3,324,847 (2) (No ranking at his blogspot URL)
  9. Veritas Rex - 4,544,252 (0)
  10. Indiana Barrister - 4,978,471 (0)

Alexa, on the other hand, measures how much traffic you get to your site. That's a completely different horse than how talked about your blog is... Again, the lower the number, the more traffic you get. It measures those ten this way:

  1. Bilerico Project - 161,935
  2. Masson's Blog - 1,277,623
  3. Blue Indiana - 1,654,430
  4. Hoosier Access - 2,195,833
  5. Hoosier Political Report - 3,092,943
  6. Indiana Barrister - 3,385,232
  7. American Values Alliance - 8,960,660
  8. Veritas Rex - 18,245,687
  9. Hoosier Pundit - 19,664,268
  10. Advance Indiana - 20,412,327 (or 956,591 as his blogspot URL)

Of course, using Bilerico Project as our measurement doesn't seem quite right since it's no longer about Hoosier topics primarily. In fact, most of our Indiana political coverage has moved over here now.

If we switch Bilerico to Bilerico-Indiana, it falls in the lineup at #7 on Technorati - not too shabby for one of the newest local blogs to the lineup. Alexa doesn't separate TBP and B-IN since they're both hosted on Which means as far as primarily Hoosier blogs go, Blue Indiana ranks highest on Technorati and Masson's Blog gets the most traffic.

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Wilson46201 | August 2, 2008 9:25 AM

Now that petty bigot and smalltown gossip Gary Welsh is simply posting the worst anti-Obama fantasies culled from Drudge, RNC and Free Republic, his traffic will sink even lower...

I think he'd really be happier out at night burning crescents in peoples front yards!

gary sure does have a thin skin, considering his furious response to this post.

Here's what I left over at Gary's response. Doubt it'll stay up:

Are you just trying to start a blog war for attention? Bil brought up most of the problems with the numbers and statistics that you did in his post on the numbers (I just went to go read it). Of course he couldn't put up the blogspot address's statistics from Technorati - it's hasn't been claimed there. Seriously, go check it out. It's not up on Technorati.

Why didn't you cite Bil as the source of most of the problems with the numbers that you posted? You seem to have found many of the same criticisms as he posted, and you admit that you read his post before you posted here. So?

I've worked with Bil Browning for almost two years now in the blogosphere. He's always been honest with me and I don't see anything in this post other than seething jealousy. He's doing something completely different than you are and people are reacting to it differently. I don't even see how it's a criticism that you declare (with no proof, mind you) that you have more Indiana traffic. TBP isn't an Indiana focused site. No one said it was. So, um, what's the issue there?

All I see in this post is a case of the green-eyed gozangas, mixed with using the analysis of another blogger without citing him as the source.

And, Nick, "Democrat council member"? Karl Rove stole your "ic"? Jeez, I guess I could start referring to GOP members as "Republishams," but I thought this blog was geared to the 8+ crowd.