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Unity, Indy Style

Filed By Marti Abernathey | August 27, 2008 2:00 PM | comments

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I'm currently sitting on a bus headed for the Pepsi Center for what's being dubbed by some as "Clinton night." Ive been thinking about how much things have changed in the past few months. In Indianapolis I was pretty much the face of the Obama Pride campaign in the Indy GLBT community. Mark St. John did a yeoman's job behind the scenes, but for exceptions like Roger Roe (who organized the march part of Obama Pride), I was a team of one.

Since Hillary's concession there's been a lot of talk about the need for unity, but Hillary supporters like Indiana residents like Zach Adamson, Aaron Schaler, Jerame Davis, and Lori Morris have already made the transition and are doing the majority of the work for the Obama Pride campaign in Indianapolis. They are proving their commitment with their blood, sweat, and tears. They are unity in action.

Hopefully Hillary's speech last night will bring home any people still on the fence. But I don't need a speech to know that we are unifying as a party in Indianapolis. I only need to look next to me in the trenches and see Zach, Aaron, Lori, and Jerame. We are one in our resolve for a victory in November and are proving it with action.

We are proving that "Yes we can... together!"

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John R. Selig | August 27, 2008 2:52 PM

Thanks for a great post Marti.

I have been a strong Barack Obama supporter since the end of December last year when I listened to Barack Obama deliver the audio version of his book, "Audacity of Hope." I am convinced that Barack Obama is going to be an amazing president. My first choice for president was Al Gore but obviously Gore believes that he can make more of a difference in the fight against global warming outside of the Oval Office.

I didn't want Hillary Clinton to be the candidate and not because she was a woman. It is long overdue that we have a woman president. My concern was more with Clinton baggage and her high negatives with independents and Republicans. I didn't think that she could be elected if she got the nomination. I want a Democrat in the White House and I backed the candidate that I thought would be the most electable.

The primary campaigns got heated with Clinton supporters deeply committed to their candidate and Obama supporters deeply committed to their candidate. Both camps felt deeply against the other candidate as the fighting got fiercer. As an Obama supporter I really got to dislike Hillary and her team.

Last night I was blown away with Hillary Clinton's speech! It will go down in history as one of the great political speeches in many years. Hilary Clinton showed class, commitment, humor, compassion and it felt real (not something that she had to do in order to pay her dues for her future in the Democratic Party). My hope is that Hillary's speech made strong inroads in bringing her supporters who may still be nursing their wounds from the primaries back on board to get Barack into the White House.

Hillary's speech had another effect on me. It brought me back from my strong dislike of her to feelings of respect, admiration and warmth. In fact, I was surprised by my unexpected reaction to her. I do not regret my support for Obama and his winning the nomination. However, I now support Hillary Clinton in her efforts in the Senate and whatever role she ends up playing in the future whether as an Obama administration appointment or an even more prominent role in the Senate. Her speech had a strong effect of healing of the Democratic Party.

We have a strong fight ahead of us and we need all Democrats on board, as many Independents as possible and Republicans who are not under the trance of the fanatical far right that controls their party.

Well done Hillary Clinton! Thank you for all you do.