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Bulldog with Lipstick

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Both Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani mocked Barack Obama in their RNC speeches by saying he is nothing but a "community organizer" and the world needs somebody with more experience.

How did Sarah Palin get through the rehearsal of this speech without realizing how insulting this statement is to anyone who works in community organizing and public outreach? How dare she?

Please notice how the almost all white audience laughs and cheers after this statement. I found the whole speech disgusting and I'm not just saying that because I'm a liberal - I'm saying this because while she was governing the great (?) state of Alaska and while John McCain was relaxing in one of his 6 (?) giant houses, Barack Obama was busy overturning poverty stricken minority neighborhoods and doing something good for this country. I cannot fathom how these efforts are discredited and unappreciated. What a slime ball tactic.

Palin, Giuliani and the rest of the cowboy hat wearing cronies are carefully demonizing the idea of community organizing because the last thing they want is for any individual to stand up and lead. What they want is a bunch of weak American citizens who do nothing for themselves and give all the power to those standing at the podium. That's just the control they're looking for.

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Below is Giuliani mocking "community organizing Obama" tune in around 5:45. Try not to puke. He also spoke in front of a World Trade Center absent backdrop of NYC. How classy, Rudy.

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And just to remind everyone:

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As I was reading that part of Palin's speech, I could help but think how ironic it was: someone running for a position whose only official responsibility is the extremely rare duty of voting to break a tie in the senate is equating a position's official responsibilities with what the person actually does.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | September 5, 2008 11:46 AM

Is it not astonishing, too, that the GOP--the party led by the extremely wealthy--is portraying itself as "anti-elitist"?!

Sure, McCain and his 7 (not 6) homes is just an average Joe. And GW, with his vast landholdings, fortune, Yale education, president father and senator grandfather, is just like you and me!

The Democrats should be ripping this meme apart.

And of course McCain's speech the next night called on Americans to "stand up, teach kids, join the military," etc. So I'm confused: being a community organizer is something to mock AND something noble?

public representatives my asshole. Nasty, cynical and without any concern for issues that effect the american public. Shame on those losers. They are nothing but a damn cult. They act like hollow minded idiots who think people only care about fear and terror. PRAY FOR A SECULAR GOVERNMENT.

I agree with everything you said until you said pray for a secular government.Please don't pray for a secular government get off your knees or ass and go vote and if you see Sarah Palin with her lipstick off please call the dog officer.

I loved it how they painted Obama as an elitist while Cindy McCain wore an outfit worth more than $300,000. That's about $225,000 more than I paid for my house!

Amy: its a joke and also a bumper sticker. "Pray for a secular government" is an oxymoron.

Pray for a just and ethically moral government that works for all Americans, not just the Cindy McCains of the world.