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Cindy McCain Supports Abortion

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John McCain isn't the only person in his family who can claim to be a maverick. His wife Cindy McCain made statements this week showing her support for abortion and reproductive choice. According to The Guardian:

When asked by CBS news last night whether she wanted to overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 supreme court ruling that permitted women to seek abortions in America, Cindy McCain responded: "No, no."

John McCain vowed last year that he does not support Roe v Wade and would work to overturn it if elected. But during his first presidential run eight years ago, he made comments that were supportive of abortion rights, which appears to have led to some confusion on his wife's part.

When the CBS anchor Katie Couric reminded Cindy McCain that "your husband does" want to revoke abortion rights, the aspiring first lady responded, "No, I don't think he does."

The Guardian argues that the Cindy McCain story is intentional and aimed at keeping pro-choice voters in John McCain's corner.

McCain later clarified his 1999 statements to reflect his opposition to abortion rights. Yet a poll conducted this February by Planned Parenthood found continuing confusion, with 46% of female McCain supporters saying they wished to see Roe v Wade upheld.

Cindy McCain's remarks may have been aimed at ensuring independent women will continue to sympathise with the Republican ticket. She freely admitted to differing with Palin, the party's vice-presidential nominee, on giving abortion rights to victims of rape and incest.

Palin opposes allowing victims of both crimes to have abortions, but Cindy McCain said she was in favour of such exceptions.

"We differ in many issues, we differ across the board with people," the Arizona senator's wife said. "We don't have to agree on every issue."

We've all be arguing that John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin was purely strategic, and Cindy McCain's statements are strategic as well. There's a large base of Republicans who support reproductive choice. If you haven't already read it, I highly recommend the book The War on Choice by former Planned Parenthood CEO Gloria Feldt. She summarizes how the Evangelicals moved the Republican Party away from the pro-choice movement during the Reagan administration and the ensuing Bush administrations.

Although they differ on their views of abortion, Cindy McCain supports Sarah Palin and thinks that she can manage a family and be in politics.

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Many other TBP contributors have already said this, but I think it's interesting to hear it coming from the GOP side. We absolutely wouldn't be asking questions about a man's ability to balance his family and work responsibilities. We never do, whether we're talking about presidential politics or women in the workforce in general. So it's no mystery to me that Cindy McCain supports reproductive choice.

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I'm trying to remember what past President was on record for opposition of abortion, while the First Lady was all for it. I'm thinking it was Gerald Ford, but I could be wrong.

Let's just put the comments that any political figure makes in perspective: They're pretty much all strategic no matter which party is speaking.

That Mrs. McCain is pro abortion does not suprise me in the least. Whether the sentiment is genuine or not, it is an obvious ploy to shore up support among ultra conservatives on the abortion issue. That's how I tend to characterize all the republican camp's politics: Obvious.

And since the topic is Cindy, I'm going to be a touch catty here... Have you seen her? Can you say Ice Queen? She would have fit right in in Narnia.

Ok, the catty moment is over...carry on.

It is amazing that Ms. McCain doesn't even know (or can't admit to) her husband's record.

I think that's the larger narrative we're missing.

McCain is probably pro-choice. His earlier statements and Cindy's further slip would seem to point this way. Which leads us to one simple conclusion:

McCain is lying and pandering to the religious right to shore up his base. He's not putting his country first, he's putting politics first.

The classic having it both ways to get more votes tactic.

I believe Barbara Bush and George Bush (I) pulled the same sh*t. I similarly don't respect the deal re Elizabeth Edwards being cool with gay marriage, but John, Mr. Moral and Holy Hypocritical Skankwad Edwards, not.

It's pure politics.

While remember: John, not Cindy, would make policy, and appoint Supreme Court justices.