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The Non-Sarah Palin Roundup

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | September 06, 2008 6:00 PM | comments

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Holy teen pregnancy, Batman! The biggest story of the week has been about Sarah Palin's pregnant teenage daughter. Never mind the fact that Hurricane Gustav was pouring down on New Orleans, and the Republicans were having a convention of some sort. Anyhoo, if you missed any of our non-pregnancy related stories, here's the best of this week's TBP.

I normally don't link weekend content in the roundup, but I've been asked to start. So here you go!

A Day When We Can Look Back - Annette Gross
Better Know a Contributor: Rev. Irene Monroe - Serena Freewomyn

Interview Sessions: James - Eric Levin
Sarah Palin Comes Out: Her Daughter is Pregnant - Sara Whitman

We Must End Attacks on the Right to Peaceful Protest - Patricia Nell Warren
Requiem for Gay Political Power - Karen Ocamb
Speaking of Sex - Dr. David Fawcett

New Study Reveals Dems & HRC Still Lagging - Rebecca Juro
Transgender Themes in Science Fiction - Guest Blogger Cheryl Morgan

Top Ten Problems With Gender Identity Disorder Diagnosis - Guest Blogger Dr. Kelley Winters
When Do You Out a Gay Teenager? - Father Tony

Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit in New York Thrown Out - Alex Blaze
What IS the LGBT Community? Who Are We? - Bil Browning

And just cuz I'm nice, I've got a little treat for you after the jump.

Here's Jackie and Dunlap from Red State Update and their take on Sarah Palin:

iPhone users: Click to watch

iPhone users: Click to watch

This one is an oldie, but a goodie. I hope you have your asthma inhaler handy. I always laugh so hard when I see this one I can't breath!

iPhone users: Click to watch

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Less than two months to the election and the McCain campaign is keeping Palin under wraps?

I call foul!

There's a new petition that you can sign which asks that the media be granted access to Palin *now*.


Hey Serena, How about a weekend best of roundup of posts?

It's funny they're trying to get her on Oprah, and she's saying "Not until AFTER the election."

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 7, 2008 7:44 PM


What do you have against the beacon of femininity and all that is good with the world known as Sarah Palin?

You also probably hate mothers, apple pie, baseball and freedom fries. I also notice that you are not wearing a flag lapel pin in your photo.

Why do you hate America and want to appease terrorists?

You are probably a community organizer too...

OMG, Michael! You made me pee my pants!