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Lynn Cheney endorses same-sex marriage

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 17, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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Lynne Cheney says something positive about same-sex marriage here, all but endorsing it.

I'm still wondering why she didn't throw a hissy fit like she did when Kerry mentioned that her daughter was a lesbian. Maybe it's because election season is over....

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In the VP debate in 2004, Dick Cheney said, "freedom does mean freedom for everybody. People ought to be free to choose any arrangement they want. It's really no one else's business." Because there is no way that he could actually endorse same-sex marriage he had to separate what people do in private and what the govt. supports, so he said he thinks the issue should be left up to the state, mentioned changes in MA and CA (my impressing is that he thought that these were positive developments), said that Bush disagrees with them and that he will follow Bush in policy issues. I had interpreted this to mean that he supported same-sex marriage but knew that he couldn't publicly go against Bush's stance on the matter. It had really taken me by surprise at the time.