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We must SAY NO 2 the politics that grant tax paying citizens second class citizenship. They flash us back to a time where we can't cannot believe that "those people" acted that way in the inhuman atrocities committed on fellow human beings- as the Native's became the reserve, and people were sold as property, women branded witches were set aflame and burned, women were denied the right to vote, and dogs tore flesh apart and the blood of children who wanted to be educated could not quench the racist thirst of this OUR country.

Although it is now unfathomable that two individuals could not "intermarry" if they were from different cultural backgrounds, we fail to see our own reflecting mirroring image in legislating love at the voting booth based on gender.

We must SAY NO 2 the individuals who think that those were the best of times and wish to repeat them by perpetuating hate and discrimination for our children.

We must SAY NO 2 any Government that feels that only some of its citizenry should be protected and provided for under the law. We are supposedly fighting a war to "keep Americans safe"; while at the same time we ask Americans should Americans be offered protections under the law.

We must SAY NO 2 political dog and pony shows that lie to us about what the real issues facing all Americans are, while serving the politically laced kool-aid of uniformity.

We must SAY NO 2 womyn being sold a phony equal rights bill of sale while being pimped for political expediency.

We must SAY NO 2 the depiction of anything other then us and how we live are an evil "them". We must SAY NO 2 any theology or ideology that would set the premise for condonable violent attacks against "them".

We must raise our voice and SAY NO 2 injustice, understanding that an injustice to one is an injustice to all; that what we give to another we give to ourselves and likewise what we keep from another we keep from ourselves. Jesus taught his students what you have done to the least of these you have also done to me.

We must SAY NO 2 the thought that we are not responsible for our Sisters, our Brothers, and our neighbors.

And in case you haven't figured it out yet we must SAY NO TO AMENDMENT 2- because if we do not instead of the unity of tomorrow we will experience the separateness and inequality of yesterday.

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