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Some of My Best Friends Are Gay...

Filed By Bo Shuff | September 09, 2008 4:00 PM | comments

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There has been a lot of talk post RNC about senior advisors of the McCain campaign speaking before the Log Cabin Republicans. Deb Price, who I love, jumped on the bandwagon with a story about it yesterday.

In what appears to be a first, the Republican nominee sent one of his highest ranking people -- national political Mike DuHaime -- to accept and thank Log Cabin for its endorsement.

The article actually starts with a "touching story" shared by gay Former Congressman Jim Kolbe about Sen. McCain being nice when he came out. Has the bar been set so low that we should now vote for a candidate because he didn't tell his friend to "go to hell" when he came out? Seriously?

I'm honestly a bit disappointed in the article by Deb Price. She compliments the Log Cabin Republican's "maverick" stance to endorse John McCain in the primary, and gives the Republicans credit for "potentially important shifts in the Republican Party."

I think Deb has bit into the tiny expectations game the Log Cabin Republicans have created for themselves.

McCain seems to have the following things going for him as far as supporting LGBT Communities:

  • He didn't vote for the Federal Marriage Amendment.
  • He didn't throw his close friend out of his office when he came out.
  • He sent an advisor to a meeting to tell us "we promise we won't throw you under the bus."

This is enough to signal that McCain is "running an inclusive campaign and will have an "inclusive administration."

Really? That's all it takes?

Those 3 tiny things counter his bigoted choice for VP? They counter his opposition to every other piece of legislation that has come before him? They counter the commercials he taped in favor of the Arizona Marriage Amendment? This list goes on...

Our community has a choice in November. Is Obama perfect? No. However this isn't a choice between perfect and less that perfect. It is, in fact, a choice between less than perfect and hatred.

Do not be snowed by the softened rhetoric. McCain isn't the nice old uncle that we all sort of just don't talk about our relationships in front of. He, and more importantly the people behind him, are the mean old uncle that we are honestly afraid to be around.

Oh, and thanks for inviting me to Bilerico - I'm happy to be here.

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Oh how sweet, McCain sent a politico instead of the police to deal with LCR. I am impressed. And he didn't beat up a close friend when he came out. And he didn't vote for FMA, and he didn't try to expel Kolbe.

That's all well and good but what about ENDA and the gutting it got at the hands of Barney Frank, and what about those overwhelming votes for DOMA and DADT? And what about ditching the Sheppard Hate Crimes bill? And why did McCain eliminate all references to the GLBT communities from his platfo... Opps, wrong party. It's so easy to get them mixed up.

Bo meet Bill. As long as you post anything political, Bill will comment and disagree with you. :) You kind of get used to it after a while; he usually has some good points to throw in the mix.

While I can completely understand the need to institute change from within, why the LCR keeps endorsing almost every damn presidential candidate that comes along is beside me. They may have declined to endorse BushCo 2, but they sure as hell endorsed him the first time.

Mostly for the same damn reasons, "Well, he's a good guy after all, I'm sure he'll be fine!"

Yeah. Not good enough.

Its not all that off the wall Bil. It's paying the dues. Left wing gays have been doing it for years with the Democrats and it is finally beginning to pay off. Not as rapidly or to the extent as they would like, but pay off none the less.

McCain isn't as unlikely as he may seem. He is no doubt conservative, but he's not militantly religious. (Yes he's pandering to the extreme right, he can't run unless he gets nominated - Obama is making overtures to the right for the general election) It is not that he is even close to perfect. But he's better on their other issues than any Democrat would be. LCR types find the gay left anathema. They see the mainstream gay movement as too tightly linked to the gay left and feel that is a bad influence on Democratic candidates.

If the LCR operated more effectively in Blue and Purple states and formed coalitions with moderate and conservationist Republicans you would most likely see more moderate gays gravitating toward the GOP.

I can only hope that the LCR types are conservatives (center right) and not NeoCons. They will hitch their wagon to whatever they can, rationalize away an unpleasant choice and lament that Barry Goldwater's grandson hadn't come out sooner.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | September 9, 2008 8:40 PM

Welcome, Bo!

As for the low bar set by LCR, I think it's called "denial."

Sorry Bo, I didn't welcome you in my comments.

Come on Bil, be fair. You know I only disagree with people who want to elect McCain and Obama.

Selecting Palin was a masterstroke by McCain. He was already almost even with Obama and is now a virtual certainty to win with over 50% of the popular vote and a strong electoral vote majority.

And when he does, he's going to be well aware that he didn't win because the gay Republican masses voted for him in droves out of delight that the LCR's got a booth at the convention (down Aisle Z a ways, just past the recycling center, from what I hear), a pat on the ass from his chief spinmeister, and an invite to sample the kool-aid with the grown-ups at a couple of cocktail parties.

He's going to know that he won because virtually the entire gay-bashing leadership of the Christianist right - James Dobson, Gary Bauer, Pat Buchanan, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, and on and on and on - went bonkers for Sarah Palin, whipped their followers into a frenzy, drove them to the polls (in the process passing two, and quite likely all three, anti-ssm constitutional amendments) and elected an administration that they fully expect will lead the charge from the culture-war barricades to save them from the 'gay agenda' and drive the queers and infidels into the sea.

When McCain needs to buck that frothing base and 'reach across the aisle' to get some of the things he really wants (and they don't) - like immigration reform, he's going to need some red meat to toss out to keep them occupied. I don't think McCain shares the rabid homophobia of a large segment of his base, but nothing he has said or done indicates that his respect for gays (remember, this is the guy who heard "lgbt" or "glbt" for the first time a couple of months ago, so let's stick with a term he might know) as human beings or as American citizens goes an inch beyond a platitudinous nod to equal rights - so long as these people don't want to serve honestly in the military, marry in California, enter into domestic partnerships or receive quasi-spousal benefits in Arizona, or, for all we know, engage in (well, ahem, you know what it is they do) in the privacy of their homes in any state (let's say maybe Texas) that agrees with their President that there's no Constitutional right to privacy and no right to personal privacy at all unless a God-fearing, preacher-endorsed legislature creates it.

So when red-meat-for-the-base time comes along, as it will, we're going to have more serious things to worry about than ending DADT or making ENDA inclusive.

[Please excuse me if you came across the foregoing screed on another website. I don't have the time or energy to re-phrase all that hysteria tonight.]

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 10, 2008 3:59 AM

Because we have to deal in reality we also have to know who our allies are and why they must pander. A lot of people care about their liberty only after they have eaten and I cannot fault them for that. I cannot figure out the LCR supporter either. Some of them strike me as so totally brainwashed into fear rather than engagement. And that is just on domestic issues.

They cannot be confused with too many facts.

I was happy to observe that it is finally getting properly nasty on both sides. We must shine the light on these people and hold the old war hero and his "Barbie" moose hunter accountable.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 10, 2008 4:57 AM

Holy cow! Welcome Bo!

Bil, you've made another great choice. Bo and I worked together at HRC a few years back.

In all of the touting of McCain not sponsoring the FMA or voting for it no one mentions his reason for it. As I recall he has said many times he thinks it is a states right issue, that it was not the federal government's job to set a national standard for marriage in the Constitution.

Since then he has followed this "states right" belief and endosed anti-same sex marriage ballot initiatives in both Arizona and California.

I don't see this as being either gay friendly or inclusive.

McCain should be seen as the Great Pander for he has done it both to the Religious Right and Log Cabin.

Already some of the more extreme Christian facists are praying that if McCain wins the election that G-d will hit him in the head with a 2 x 4 and G-d's handmaiden Gov. Palin will become president. (She is the Esther brought to the kingdom for such a time as this)

No, with great near sightedness the LCR has taken Palin's moose hunting gun only to shoot it so once again there is a great danger the votes of the glbt community will elect an anti glbt administration

Why in the world would the LCR's not support McCain? Even though they didn't endorse Bush's second term, 23% of self-identified LGB people voted for him.

LCR isn't the problem - they're representing a group that actually exists and exists in large numbers.

But, jeez, I wish they'd stop with the "single-issue voter" line. It's just so annoying, even though I'd say there's a 75% chance that they just repeat it because it annoys the rest of us.

And welcome aboard, Bo.