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There's that H word again

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Editors' Note: At Eric's request, the original post has been removed and replaced with the following:

I took it down because after reviewing the statistics and checking in with a close, number and statistical-analysis monster friend of mine I realized that I was inappropriately attacking people who are not to blame. HIV/AIDS isn't on the rise. The numbers are relatively the same and middle-aged, white American males who choose to partake in barebacking are not at the core of the epidemic. Even if they were responsible for some or any increase in HIV, their money and status in this world makes them capable of taking care of themselves. Yes some men bareback and yes I think it's incredibly irresponsible and dangerous and yes I'm angry but it isn't the center of the epidemic.

I spoke out in anger and a lack of temperance and used my own feelings to scapegoat the people responsible for the numbers in HIV. The people responsible are not middle aged white american males who choose not to use condoms. The people responsible are those who don't teach or support comprehensive safe sex education. Although I make that clear in my posting I just wasn't comfortable with my finger pointing, knee jerk response.

I get angry and flustered when I see these numbers but as always those reporting on HIV/AIDS in the MSM aren't capable of understanding the statistics themselves and thus represent factual information as if there is something society as a whole should be worried about.

What the article REALLY says is that more than half of HIV infection in america is due to gay/bisexual men. 46% of those men are black (people with color.) This is alarming because the number of people of color is LESS THAN the number of white people in American society. However, there isn't a RISE in HIV/AIDS infection amongst white gay males but those in the white community who are being affected are mostly between the ages of 30 and 40. And, going further, the reasons to blame for those white men isn't all-out barebacking, as the article states, it's a difficulty in maintaining safe sex behavior over long periods of time, homophobia and drug abuse...NOT bareback porn and bareback propaganda, two things I so heavily lash out against in my article.

So, before I had a chance to really, fully understand these numbers I spoke out in anger and finger pointing ways that don't do anything for anybody. The problem is within minority communities. Communities so broke and oppressed they can't save nor help themselves. This is unlike the white community.

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It takes a big man to admit when he spoke out of anger, Eric. I salute you.

Your original post was so honest and heart felt. I respect your decision to pull down your post but perhaps an additional post would have been more fitting and would have allowed others to see how you felt and to ponder/ reflect on your passion
I actually was looking today to send it to a gay male peer but couldnt....Please consider allowing access to the perspective that you shared yesterday. it was poignant

The problem is within minority communities. Communities so broke and oppressed they can't save nor help themselves.

I think the rhetoric that you are using here is slightly off-putting. Are communities of color broke and oppressed? Yes. But are people of color incapable of helping themselves, and creating solutions within their own community? No, absolutely not.