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Let's Give Sarah Palin a Taste of Her Own Medicine

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Despite our many differences of opinion, I'm sure there is one thing that Sarah Palin and I could agree on: a domestic terrorist (i.e. one who encourages violence against the government or the citizens of the U.S.) should not be given a national audience on mainstream, public airwaves. That's why I'm requesting that you join me in contacting the Saturday Night Live studio and asking them not to have Sarah Palin on their show.

Sarah Palin a domestic terrorist? What???

Well, maybe Palin herself isn't one, but she does "pal around" with them. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of them.

You see, when Sarah Palin started suggesting that Barack Obama is a domestic terrorist because he served on two of the same nonprofits boards as Bill Ayers, a professor at the distinguished University of Illinois at Chicago and former 60's radical, the crowd began to shout things like "terrorist" and "kill him" in regards to Obama. Finding support among like-minded individuals and indifference from rally officials, the crowds grew ever bolder in showing their racist hatred of Obama.  Meanwhile Palin and her staff did nothing to discourage the crowd from such comments and chants. Instead, Palin gave one of her trademark folksy "Aww shucks... you guys!" expressions.

In recent days John McCain has tried to distance himself from the shouts of hate coming from the crowd, but only after he began to suffer a black eye in the press over it.  When he called Obama a "decent person", his own supporters began to boo him.  Did McCain really expect that he could put the lid back on the Pandora's box of bigotry and hatred he opened?

Sarah Palin however continues unabated.  In fact, it has been reported that McCain and Palin have even tussled over the issue.  McCain, perhaps realizing defeat, wants to go out with what little honor he has left (which, in my opinion, is none).  Palin on the other hand is drunk on the enthusiasm of her radical right supporters.  The angry mob she whips up at her rallies seems to enforce in her the idea that she is somehow the savior of her party.

Now if you, I, or anyone else made a threat against a Presidential candidate, even in jest, the Secret Service would take it very seriously. It's kind of like how you can't joke about a bomb at the airport. In some situations and places, the joke is just not funny.

By applying Palin's flawless logic, because she associates with these people, even in a very indirect way, she must be a domestic terrorist herself. Therefore we must act according to the wisdom she has passed down to all of us and demand that 1) she explain her association to these people (even if she already has; apparently it has to be done over and over again), and 2) call or e-mail SNL in order to deny her a national audience where she can spread her terrorist ideas.

Recently rumors have surfaced that the McCain campaign has contacted Saturday Night Live about Palin being on the show.  The goal is to show that Palin is a likable person who is in on the joke, doggone it, rather than being the joke.  That's why I'm serious about contacting SNL and so are a lot of other people. A movement has been started to give Palin a taste of her own medicine. Simply call or e-mail the following and say something like:

"Because Sarah Palin has refused to disassociate herself from or denounce her supporters who have been shouting threats like 'kill him' in regards to Barack Obama at her rallies, I am respectfully asking that you refuse to have her on Saturday Night Live."

E-mail SNL's producer Lorne Michaels at
or call NBC at phone number (212) 664-4444.

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Well, I e-mailed Lorne and I also called NBC. I hope they change their minds.

Actually, I wish SNL had the gonads to do a skit highlighting Palin's hypocrisy: While she intimates that Obama pals around with terrorists, she associates herself with the likes of Pastor Mutha, and the likes of "Joel's Army", who promote violence in the name of establishing Christian theocracy. (Thank you, Patricia Nell Warren, for letting us Bilerico addicts in on this. Kudos also to Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.)

It could be a great skit, too ... If Tina Fey can come up with lines like, "Evangelists think that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church on Sunday" then she could have the audience rolling on the floor with material like this.

So if I drop Lorne a ring, that will be my suggestion. After all, I'm sure he'll drop what he's doing to take my call.

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 15, 2008 12:48 PM

Tina Fey's recent comments about how if Sarah Palin is elected she (Fey) is going to "leave Earth" gives me hope that Fey will push for just such a skit. Unfortunately Fey is no longer the head writer for SNL, and Lorne Michaels has shown in recent years that he is more interested in advertising dollars than being truly satirical.

I do recall a few years back a joke on SNL about how creationists thought dinosaurs were "Jesus horses." It was funny until I say Bill Maher's movie "Religulous" this past weekend where he visits the creationist museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The museum has a model of a dinosaur with a saddle on it!!

"Jesus horses"


*holds sides laughing*

I am sorry, but it appears you just don't get it.

Since Sarah Palin is a republican and an evangelical christian, she is free of blame or condemnation for anything she or her supporters say or do in the "fight" to preserve our country.

I mean it isn't bigotry or hate when a preacher derides homosexuals from the pulpit for being sinners who are ruining this country and are going straight to hell, and his followers should do whatever they can to stop the "homosexual agenda". So how can Palin or her supporters be held accountable when they are doing good christian work in trying to save our country from the evils of Obama?

It is god's will!

I called and left a comment, and this is waht I sent:

I have been a watcher of SNL since its beginning and there have been many times you have done controversial programs in the past. They were entertaining for all of us. It is what you do best.

However, it has come to my attention that you are thinking of having Sarah Palin on your show to have some cute little skits, having her do a parody of Tina Fey. This is a horrible idea. The worst. Palin has constantly stirred up crowds with hatred, getting them to scream out “Kill him” and the use of the “N” word, while she stands there with a big smile on her face. McCain may have tried to calm down his crowds, but Palin is still getting them to shout out threatening comments.

SLN should continue doing what you do best, and that is making people laugh at the ridiculous world we live in. But, you shouldn’t give credence to a person who has done her best to have her supporters shout out hateful and racist remarks, threatening another person. Hate should not be supported by SNL, and having Palin on your show will do just that. Please reconsider your decision.

Monica Helms
Atlanta, GA

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 15, 2008 2:12 PM

*Excellent* comment to SNL! Thank you for taking action.

I hope you didn't misspell SNL in your actual letter. "SLN should continue doing..."

Anyone who wants some details on the domestic terrorists that Palin hangs out with can read my 10/6 Bilerico backgrounder at

More details are available at, the website run by a research team who are gathering information on Palin and the New Apostolic Reformation movement.

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 15, 2008 2:22 PM

Let me just echo the idea that readers should check out Ms. Warren's excellent article linked above. It's well worth a read.

In addition to the Palin cronies in the religious right wing that Patricia Nell Warren has covered so well here, Palin also depended heavily in her political career on right-wing politicians who probably shouldn't be called terrorists themselves, but certainly did pal around with domestic terrorists.

As Salon pointed out last week, Palin political cronies include extremist right-wingers who have
nurtured links with terrorist militia groups:

But it's become a standard tactic of McCain's campaign to attack hardest on on issues where their candidates are most vulnerable. Because McCain's own campaign is riddled with lobbyists, they attack Obama for his ties to lobbyists. Because of Palin's own limited experience and familiarity, they ask, "Who is the real Barack Obama?" If Palin's or McCain's pastor problems begin to bubble to the surface, then they attack Wright.

Just about every one of their scatter-shot attacks indicates a deeper problem for McCain and Palin.

And that might be why the attacks don't seem to be working.

I will certainly be contacting SNL. The woman should not be allowed on a national stage any longer when all she does is incite racism and hatred. I find it extremely telling that she refuses to sit down with journalists but believes that she should be allowed on a comedy show. Deal with the issues Palin, people have a good sense of who and what you are already and incompetence is the least of your issues now.

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 16, 2008 10:53 PM

An update-

McCain mentioned on Letterman today that he thought Palin would appear on SNL. My guess would be this weekend. Keep those calls and e-mails going!

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 17, 2008 12:27 AM

Another update: Larry King has said that Palin WILL appear on SNL this week -

Sure. Have her as a guest, but after the election.

I kinda think that she won't be much of a hot property after the election and will be begging for exposure.

Now here's a tactic I can go for. And beyond Palin egging on right-wingers who shouted "kill him!" at the mention of Obama's name, she has some very strange associations. Her husband was part of a fringe group that wanted Alaska to secede from the U.S. Her church has disturbing anti-Semitic currents. And then there are her environmental policies and her opposition to abortion even in instances of violent rape or incest. Forget the coiffed grown-up girl next door façade, she IS a terrorist.

But don't give her too much exposure. She represents a growing threat in the Republican party.