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Post-debate discussion thread

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The debate's over, my friends. What did you all think?

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Yes, We Can!
(And for Hallowe'en..Yes, We Carve!)

And, for even more silly post-debate fun:

Here's CNN's snap-poll of undecideds:

Who won the debate?

McCain (R) 22
Obama (D) 53

Shares your values

Obama, Before the debate: 54
Obama, After the debate: 63

McCain, Before the debate: 53
McCain, After the debate: 56

sorry, that was cbs, not cnn.

Here's cnn:

Who won the debate?

McCain (R) 31
Obama (D) 58


Obama, before debate: 63/35
Obama, after debate: 66/33

McCain, before debate: 51/45
McCain, after debate: 49/49

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 15, 2008 11:26 PM


So the number of people who had an unfavorable impression of McCain actually rose during the debate?

That has restored my faith in the American people. McCain, IMHO, came off like a real ass.


He was also a lot nuttier than he usually is. Pro-abortion movement, brushing off women's health when discussing abortion, bringing up ayers and acorn (i doubt even 20% of voters know what acorn is)...

It's like the Freepers own candidate.

Oh, and did anyone notice that McCain, in referring to the abortion discussion, twice (I counted), said "Decision". Well, I hate to tell you, John, that if a woman has a decision to make, then it means she should have a choice. You really need to watch your words, Johnny-Boy. I remember when Papa Bush was asked if he was pro-life or pro-choice, he was adamately pro-life. But when asked what he would do if his granddaughter told him she was pregnant and wanted an abortion, he said they would talk about her choices. A woman (or man) may be pro-life, but in the end, we are all about choices. Let's work to keeping the choices available safe. (Stepping off the soap-box now).

My unfavorable impression of McLame was/is even more unfavorable once he started yammering about health care.

McCain: .....except for those people who have the gold-plated Cadillac insurance policies that have to do with cosmetic surgery and transplants and all of those kinds of things.

There's a really big difference in (elective)cosmetic surgery and (life saving)transplants.

One of those gold plated Cadillac insurance polcies saved my ass last Fall, so I hope McCain doesn't mind if I get a little testy about his comment.

I caught that too, about those fancy-dancy TRANSPLANTS! I guess he'll be passing on that if he needs one; not cost efficient, don'tcha know. Geeze.

BeachcomberT | October 16, 2008 8:25 AM

Yeah, I winced, too, when I heard McCain brush off transplants as frills. But he did unwittingly allude to an issue that will have to be addressed some day in the health care mess: should Medicare cover expensive life-saving procedures for the very elderly, such as bypasses, kidney transplants, etc. If not, where do we draw the line to define the "very elderly" -- 80, 85, 90, 72(McCain's age)??? Keep in mind such rationing is already happening under the guise of doctors delicately saying to a family "John/Mary is too old to withstand the risks of that operation." Just something to think about after the hot air of this campaign has wafted away and the new president and new congress settle down to tackle serious issues (we hope!)

Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser | October 15, 2008 11:23 PM

I'm waiting for the pundits to tell me what I thought of the debate. Thinking for myself is hard.

"I'm waiting for the pundits to tell me what I thought of the debate."

As you should!! ;-)

lol! Did anyone else catch McCain say "The Pro-Abortion Movement."

Ooh ooh, me, me. And I think he snuck an "extremist" in there somewhere too.

He pretty much has to phrase it that way or the "base" will burn a cross on his lawn.

Are they talking about his "anger issues?" (Paige waited patiently through the debate. We recorded Knightrider for her and I'm stuck watching it now!)

I saw it. But I won't ruin the ending for you.

But do you think the main actor's a mary?

"But do you think the main actor's a mary?"

I don't know; but the episode I saw, the character had a strange aversion to sleeping in the same room with a beautiful woman on an undercover assignment. Hard to believe a Mr. Macho action star would react that way.

There's just something about his gestures.... I'm waiting for another "Well, it can't be coming out because I was already out" interview with a no-name TV actor soon.

McCain came across as angry and irrational. He contradicted himself when it came to abortion. I also found it disgusting that he could talk about how proud he was of the racist people that have been attending his rallies and then demand an apology for being compared to Wallace. Yeah if the racist shoe fits, wear it.

After McCain recited his lines and Obama came back A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, McCain looked confused, like "Hey, that isn't supposed to happen."

Obama was abolutely clear he was pro choice. Good for him. Do you think he could mutter a few syllables about marriage equality before I die of old age? I'm not getting any younger here.

Bill Ayers is way past his use-by date. McCain needs to drop him and go after Joe the terrorist plumber.

And of course, we were slapped to death with Joe the Plumber. Give me a break. My best friend, Angela B. is a plumber. I'd like to hear her take on Joe the Six-Plumber.

Angela Brightfeather | October 16, 2008 11:09 AM

From Angela the Plumber.

Well, I'm not Joe, but I do own one of the largest plumbing companies in NC and have about 150 "Joe the Plumbers" working for me. I've been doing plumbing work for about 30 years, so I perked right up when hearing McCain, touch on a subject that I know much more than he does about, hands down.

I do over 32 M in plumbing work every year. If any plumber makes over $250,000 a year I should. But I don't, and niether do the plumbers who work for me. I make under $250,000/year, becasue like all plumbers, I'm smarter than McCain would give us credit for, which makes me ten times smarter than Palin, even though I do admire her ability to shovel a human by-product that plumbers deal with often.

Every year that I make a big profit, I go out and alert the vendors who sell me pipe. All kinds of pipe and fittings that I know I will use the next year. Mostly cast iron, copper and plastic. You see, plumbers know that in January of the next year, the price of pipe and fittings is going up at least 5% as sure as anything that McCain flew in during the Vietnam War is going to crash. So every November I look at my profits for the year and go out and buy anywhere from 1M to 2M worth of pipe and fittings for the next years work, but I buy it at this years prices, by the truckload and at a deep discount. That savings makes me more competitive throught the coming year.

Besides, if I try and put that much profit in my pocket at the end of every year, I might be rich, but I would end up paying huge capital gains taxes to the tax man, which I try to be smart enough not to do and instead give any excess to my loyal employees Hey, that's business and that's how Angela the Plumber does it.

In my entire career as a plumber, I have never made over $250,000.00/year and I never will until I'm ready to sell and retire. I plan never to do that, because I happen to be one of those rare people today who has always liked what she does and I want to continue doing it until I die.

Now that's the real story about Angela the Plumber. Since I don't make over 250 big ones, I'm voting for Obama and so are a lot of smart plumbers who know what side their bread is buttered on, and are smart enough to know that the way to stay in business is not to spend the profits you make on yourself, but to invest it in your business. To invest those profits in your supply yard and your employee health plan and having good benefits helps to keep good plumbers in your company, and there is a great shortage of them. Having a good stock at a lower price keeps you competitive.

So Senator McCain, I don't know who you have been talking to, but if he is a plumber making over 250 G's a year and spends it on himself after he pays 40% of that to the IRS, the chances are that next year he will be working for someone else. Because like you, he's just confused and doesn't know very much about economics.

I love being a plumber because it isn't a business that can be outsourced to China and everyone needs a good plumber sometime, even the President of the United States.

Did anyone notice that McCain was blinking like a traffic signal? What was that, naval semaphore code? I'm going to call him Blinky Smurf from now on.

Claire Jennifer | October 16, 2008 9:21 AM

I was always taught to believe that rapid blinking was a sign of discomfort, nervousness, maybe even 'un-truth's".
Why don't we have the candidates hooked up to a lie detector during these debates.
Wouldn't that be revealing.

I'm sure body language experts will be all over McCain's twitches and smirks.

Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack and JoeMyGod are all the same person

Last night one of the CNN talking heads termed Obama's performance as "professorial"... and McCain's as "aggressive" in the most positive sense. It looked like CNN was doing everything possible to bring McCain out on top.

They must been watching a different debate than thousands of the rest of us watched. Obama was anything but "professorial." He scored some powerful points, and was unfailingly expressive and armed with facts, in that style we've come to expect from him.

Best of all, "The One" didn't lose his temper. He's a way better man than McCain to be sitting beside that red telephone in the White House.