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Prop 8 updates: New ads, new polling, and lots of Ellen

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The Wall Street Journal put the latest Survey USA results on Prop 8 into a graphic.


More updates on what's going on in California, after the jump.

Here's the new Republicans Against 8 ad.

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It's not really that much better or worse than the other ads from the No side. It's a bit more concrete when it comes to putting itself into a history of discrimination, but there isn't anything particularly Republican about it.

Unless the hot, shirtless man running on the beach is supposed to be something other than a distraction....

Here's the newest Yes on 8 ad:

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Back to the children. But check out who's actually indoctrinating the children (via BTB):

A Salinas High School teacher who distributed "Yes on Proposition 8" literature to her students last week has been asked to refrain from doing so by administrators.[...]

Anton said the district's policy allows for political discussion in the classroom only when it is objective and relevant to the curriculum being taught.

The literature that was passed out to students says it is important to protect marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

The one-page statement also says it is critical to vote yes on Proposition 8, saying its failure would eventually force the state to approve "polygamy, polymory, incest, group and other 'creative' arrangements for marriage."

(Way to spell "polyamory" correctly, perfesser.)

It's a big mythology over on the fundie side of the aisle, that schools indoctrinate children to be liberal (or here, pro-gay). But some of the vilest homophobia and nuttiest right-wing dogma I've heard all my life was from my middle and high school teachers.

It's almost as if they don't care too much about children being indoctrinated as long as they're the ones doing the indoctrinating....

On another note, Ellen's been making the news lately when it comes to Prop 8. Here she is talking about the issue with Joe Biden:

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Ellen discussed Prop 8 on Leno:

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And here she makes fun of Sarah Palin's support for FMA:

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It's good to see Ellen picking up the slack for gay celebrities who married in California.

Finally, Lena Dahlstrom sent us this email:

Had a voicemail on my home phone tonight from someone urging me to vote for Prop 8. The phone number was a Salt Lake City area number (Clearfield UT). The caller didn't sound very polished (he sounded old and rambling), so I'm guessing the church is rounding up the troops for a last-minute phone blitz. Given I'm a registered Democrat and live in a pretty liberal ZIP code, it doesn't seem like they're bothering/smart enough to target swing voters.

Too bad I missed the call -- now that would've been an interesting conversation...

I'm sure it would have. I wouldn't like to have the job of convincing Lena to vote Yes on 8.

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How come you didn't post the video of Ellen talking about Prop 8 with Sen. Obama when he made his surprise appearance on her show yesterday?

Well, because that didn't happen.

Seriously? I saw it in several places that he stopped by her show. I wondered why no one had clips up yet... LOL

He appeared on her show. They didn't talk about marriage or Prop 8.

Ellen stressed that it was an important issue when Joe Biden was on but she didn't even bring it up when the top of the ticket was on??

Probably because he was on via satellite for about two and a half minutes, and they only did jokes, no questions. It wasn't an interview.

And now tonight comes word that a new poll puts our side on top again! I'm getting whiplash!

Polling for these sorts of things is so inaccurate...

The good part is that the Yes side has never been over 50.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 23, 2008 3:25 AM

What poll, Bil?

Do you have a link? If it's like the last Field Poll that would be good news.

Here's a link to an Oct. 19th Sacramento Bee article headlined California poll on Prop. 8 could show 'Bradley effect'.

About once a week or so I burn out the battery on my phone with calls to LA, Frisco and Sacramento and they all say it still looks iffy in California. The last Field Poll (the best CA poll) over a month ago showed those opposed at 55% but all the polls since then have tended the other way.

What is clear is that the unanimous bigoted hostility to same sex marriage by McCain, Obama, Palen and Biden is having a bad effect on the vote. The EuroAmerican christer bigots who were on the fence now have bipartisan authority to vote their bigotry. That's very bad news for our side. And so is the fact that the anti-8 forces don’t have the audacity to challenge the across the board bigotry of the major parties presidential tickets with campaign ads.

I worked in LACABI/BACABI (committees against the Briggs Initiative) along with the folks from No on Six in 1980 and in similar campaigns later. Our experience was that if these kinds of efforts are limited to Madison Avenue types and for-sale-to-the-highest-bidder political hotshots that they can go sour in a hurry, and that’s a factor here, just as it was the last time around when we lost.

So is the inability of the anti-8 forces to see the absolute necessity of expending a major effort to target the Black, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander communities, who comprise a majority of California’s population, although not of it’s voters.

Hmm... so in the first No on 8 ad there are two straight couples, two women who could be a lesbian couple or who could just be two women running and smiling (they're not posed as a "couple" like the straight couples are), and no gay male couples. I guess I understand the fact that the "straighter" the ads are the more likely they will appeal to undecided voters, but still, it feels like queer people are being pushed out of our own movement.

Those photos are what the LCR sends out with their email newsletters (yes I subscribe!).

I've always thought they were pretty closeted, but then what would you expect....

So I guess what I'm saying is that they didn't pick them for the commercial - they just really like those photos.