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Queer Music Freaky Friday

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Hey peeps! I'm Abigail, a 13 yr old girl who, thanx - not - to some weird disease called Bloombergers looks like an old dude. Ennyway, I was ttlly asked 2 do Queer Music this week n I so had no idea wot that meant until Uncle Bil whispered in my ear. Well he dint noe that I'm not gay but he said it was OK 2 just write about music I'm ttlly gay 4. So here goes!

The Bird and the Bee - Grey's Anatomy, Vol. 3 - Again & AgainThe Bird & The Bee - This song is 'again & again' n its totally the best song evs.

iPhone users: Click to watch

Lots more after!

Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins - Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games (Album Version)Of Montreal - Coolio video, coolio song called 'Wraith Pinned To The Mist'. Best song evs.

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Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow - I Feel Just Like a ChildDevendra Banhart - Hes this old dude who sings about being a kid. Like how weird is that? But its still a gr8 song. Best song evs.

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Hope u all get all gay 4 these videos 2!!! Maybe we could all meet up in my living room and dance (my mom would have 2 B there). In the meentime, let me noe wot u think :)

Love u!!!


Ps - ttlly stop by my website - www.abisteendiary.com

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I loved this week's QMF post! Abi picked 3 really good songs - especially #3 and #2.

I bought them all on iTunes so I included the link so everyone else could too. LOL I figured if I liked them that much, others would too.

And - strangely enough - OMG blog has pictures of Devendra Banhart naked that they put up yesterday. He's much cuter in the video, let's just leave it at that...

GREAT songs, Abi!! I downloaded them right away too.

And how am I not surprised that Bil anaged to find naked pictures of Devendra Banhart right away... LOL.