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The Wall Street giveaway and Democratic "values"

Filed By Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore | October 03, 2008 2:00 PM | comments

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When I think about this Wall Street giveaway my whole chest tightens up and I feel kind of nauseous and start walking around in circles and all I can think about is bipartisanship, what a hideous concept! Bipartisanship means Barack Obama and John McCain sit down together and figure out how to continue the systematic dismantling of any structural mechanisms for care in this country. Sit down and figure out how more people can lose their homes and lose their jobs and lose their families and get gunned down on US borders and shut away in slave labor prisons and, yes, I know that's not literally what they talked about. I know they talked about saving the US economy, which means saving the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan, saving the Israeli apartheid system, saving Guantánamo and who knows how many other secret prisons and terror campaigns and wars.

Yes, let's just funnel $700 billion over to Wall Street and everything will be fine, that's right just fine! Nancy Pelosi says there's "plenty of time to do more," plenty of time for more dead Iraqi children she means. Nancy Pelosi - "my" representative - the person most responsible for continuing the war in Iraq as far as I'm concerned, the one holding together this mythology of bipartisanship which means continuing the status quo at any cost.

I feel no anger towards the Republicans. I'm scared of them, sure, I think their agenda is horrifying and monstrous, but they are doing exactly what they've promised - they're doing a great job of continuing US wars and destroying the environment and hacking away at any systems of care. They deserve an award for consistent vision! It's even Republicans who blocked the immediate passage of the Wall Street giveaway, because they felt it contradicted their free-market views...

When I think of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the other Democratic power brokers, that's when I get really angry so angry it's like I could scream so loud my throat would burst open so I try not to scream. I don't want to hurt myself. In national politics this is all we have to look forward to, more screaming and more throats burst open and maybe we can picture flowers in the ruins of charred bodies from another US air raid another Wall Street giveaway what could possibly be the point of such flowers except to remind us of our violence?

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Yeah, it makes no sense to me either. The American system is just so opposed to handouts. "They got themselves into this mess, they can get themselves out!" and "we believe in the capitalist system and its ability to right iteself." And then they give a $700B handout to bankers for the sake of economic welfare. Huh? Did they at least manage to establish some decent checks and balances to ensure that things like this don't happen again?

I didn't catch enough of the news to know the answer to that, but somehow, I doubt it. :(

Exactly -- no handouts for poor people, but always for the corporations -- no checks and balances, as far as I can tell -- and we will certainly see the costs as far as the dismantling of social services for years and years...

According to the numbers on October 4th 2008 the population of the US was 305,328,014. If every one were given 1 billion dollars they could more than likely pay off their homes and bills and have money to spare. This would also save the US government almost 4 billion dollars. Let the large companies go out of business. There is always someone in the wings waiting for a take over.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | October 4, 2008 8:20 AM

Thanks, Mattilda, you're a voice of sanity in a crowd with way too many terminally naive partisans of this or that Democratic (sic) savior. Your comments on the bipartisan Congress get to the heart of the matter.

This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. Will Rogers

Bipartisanship equals bigotry, war, and an all out attack on our standard of living to make the rich richer and preserve their riches. It’s all we can expect from the two parties and it it’ll get worse. By the end of the year the national debt will be almost doubled: from $8 to about $15 trillion dollars.

That debt is the end of social programs and the beginning of forced austerity. Working people are not going to take that lying down. We’ll fight and they’ll usher in an even harsher reign of authoritarianism. Welcome to Denver. Welcome to St. Paul. Welcome to Guantanamo.

Attempts to reform the Democrats, the Republicans, the Congress or any part of the system put in place by the rich since the end of the Civil War are as absurd as they are unworkable.

In any case, independent mass movements are the key to victory, not elections. Democratic elections cannot, do not and will not exist in a nation where .01 percent of the population controls most of the wealth, where they buy and sell politicians by the bushel, and where they exercise absolute control the media and opinion making industries by virtue of owning them outright. Add to that the Electoral College and the hundreds of anti-democratic laws on the books to prevent leftwing and labor political challenges and you have a political system that will not change.

That doesn’t mean we can’t win full equality for ourselves or the kind of fundamental change that working people need to survive. All we have to do is pull the rug out from under them. It’s a long-established tradition in this country, one dating from 1776.

(BTW, while we're pulling the rug it's ok if you want to scream, but I'm going to giggle.)

Corporate welfare is bullshit.

I'm as disgusted with the Democrats for this move as I am with the Republicans. I think a few of the banks and mortgage companies could stand to go under if their management team is too damned greedy and stupid to run them correctly.

Bill, I certainly can't argue with pulling the rug out -- we can scream, giggle, and cry, okay?

And Bil, "corporate welfare is bullshit," indeed!