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Weekly Roundup: The Trainwreck Edition

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | October 11, 2008 6:00 PM | comments

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Has anyone noticed how all the political pundits on the mainstream news electiontrains.jpgare crediting Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Pailn for boosting Obama's numbers? SNL has such good ratings that NBC has launched a prime time series on Thursdays that showcases the best of their political skits! All of this implies that Sarah Palin is just a train wreck. Which is why it surprises me that Palin isn't pandering to the gays. You know we love a train wreck! (Brittney Spears? Amy Winehouse? Lindsey Lohan?)

Anyhoo, here's your weekly roundup, including our best coverage for LGBTQ History Month.

Hello - Liberty is a Pagan Goddess - Patricia Nell Warren
Class in Drag or Who's Middle Class Anyway? - Yasmin Nair
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager - Waymon Hudson

Catholic Priest Defies Church Over Anti-Gay Ballot Initiative - Karen Ocamb
Homophobia: The Other Conservative Solution to the Financial Crisis - Alex Blaze
The Real Impact of Florida's Amendment 2 - Anthony Niedwiecki

Oct. 7, 1998: Matthew Shepard Found, Let's Find the Others Now - Cathy Renna
LGBT Hate Crimes Timeline - Terrance Heath
My Faith Compels Me - Bishop Mahee

Two Videos to Fight "That's So Gay" - Alex Blaze
Father Geoffrey Farrow, My Hat is Off to You - Father Tony
Mayor Naugle of Fort Lauderdale Spews More Anti-Gay Hate - Waymon Hudson

LGBT History Month: A Tale of Old-time Montana - Patricia Nell Warren
J.R. Warren, Matthew Shepard and a Link of Hope - Cathy Renna

Connecticut Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage - Alex Blaze
The Impact of Matthew Shepard - Guest Blogger Greg Varnum

Oh, and speaking of train wrecks, here's some advice to Sarah Palin from everyone's favorite train wreck - Paris Hilton!

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