November 18, 2008

Teaching Kindergarteners About Gay Marriage

Filed by Paige Schilt | November 18, 2008 | 7:30 PM | comments

I've been holding my tongue for a while now. My son, Waylon, started kindergarten this past August. Until two weeks ago, his entire public school career had overlapped with the campaign against Prop 8. Although we live all the way...Read More

Two Wrongs Never Make a Right

Filed by Sara Whitman | November 18, 2008 | 6:30 PM | comments

Two wrongs never make a right. Over the weekend, a protest got violent. If the answer, as some believe, is to take arms against this sea of trouble... then count me out. I'll have no part of it. I am...Read More

An open letter to President-Elect Obama

Filed by Bil Browning | November 18, 2008 | 5:00 PM | comments

NOTE: Originally this post was the focus of a website Alex Garcia and I were going to launch tomorrow. We even have the site built! We wanted to publish an open letter to President-Elect Obama with the LGBT community's expectations...Read More

Will Indiana University continue to support rightwing paramilitary groups?

Filed by Bil Browning | November 18, 2008 | 4:21 PM | comments

Since Indiana University has reopened contract negotiations with Coca-Cola, I'm wondering if they'll finally listen to the faculty, students and alumni who have been calling for the soft drink to be thrown off campus. They criticize Coke's record of human...Read More

Mike Signorile confronts Maggie Gallagher on CNN

Filed by Pam Spaulding | November 18, 2008 | 4:00 PM | comments

Marriage Protection advocate Maggie Gallagher sparred with Mike Mike Signorile the other night about same-sex marriage. He mops the floor with her. iPhone users: Click to watch The transcript is below the fold....Read More

Obama spells out LGBT support

Filed by Bil Browning | November 18, 2008 | 3:30 PM | comments

Obama's website has been updated to include a full civil rights agenda for the LGBT community. It is the most comprehensive and specific presidential agenda in the history of our movement. Check it out after the jump....Read More

"Sleeping" With the "Enemy"

Filed by Prince Gomolvilas | November 18, 2008 | 3:00 PM | comments

After I posted a temperate and somewhat optimistic response to the disappointing news of Proposition 8's passage (which eliminates same-sex marriage in California), a friend of mine e-mailed me, insisting that I tap into my inner righteous indignation. "Foster some...Read More


Big props to Michael Crawford and Father Tony

Filed by Bil Browning | November 18, 2008 | 1:30 PM | comments

Congratulations to Michael Crawford and Father Tony! They've been invited to join the editorial team and like crazy fools they accepted! The rest of our ed team remains the same although we are hoping to add another editor to the...Read More

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Filed by Anthony Niedwiecki | November 18, 2008 | 12:00 PM | comments

The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize and honor those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The event is held in November to honor Rita Hester, whose murder on November 28th, 1998 kicked off...Read More

The NAACP Gets It

Filed by Terrance Heath | November 18, 2008 | 11:00 AM | comments

Well, the NAACP has shut my mouth on this one. I was pretty hard on them this summer, when I got wind of a PFOX exhibit at an NAACP event. But it looks like the outcome off the proposition 8...Read More

A Call for Repeal, And a Timeline That Makes Sense

Filed by Steve Ralls | November 18, 2008 | 10:00 AM | comments

It would appear that there are now very few military leaders who continue to believe that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" serves any useful purpose. Following on the heels of respected leaders like retired Joint Chiefs Chairman John Shalikashvili, retired Lieutenant...Read More


It burns

Filed by Ed Team | November 18, 2008 | 7:30 AM | comments

"The irony, it burns. The pop star who made his name on his effete, androgynous "Is he GAY or not?" persona - now he hates us." -- Joe.My.God. responding to a New Yorker report that asked about gay marriage, Prince...Read More

The cutest Survivor reunion ever

Filed by Bil Browning | November 18, 2008 | 7:00 AM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch They're even coordinating what they wear to tribal council. Charlie and Marcus have to be the cutest "couple" from Survivor....Read More