November 30, 2008

Better Know a Contributor: Paige Schilt

Filed by Serena Freewomyn | November 30, 2008 | 7:00 PM | comments

Editor's Note: You've seen Steven Colbert's "Better Know a Lobbyist," but our version is so much gayer! Each weekend, we spotlight a different TBP contributor. In case you've missed any of our previous interviews, I've got links at the end...Read More

Rosie vs Ellen: The Battle of the Lesbian Variety Shows

Filed by Bil Browning | November 30, 2008 | 5:30 PM | comments

What a great week for queer television. Not only did Thanksgiving week bring us the Macy's Day Parade, but as an added bonus we got the Battle of the Lesbian Variety Shows! One was spectacular. The other was a spectacular...Read More

Last Chance to Sail Along with the WND Wingers

Filed by Pam Spaulding | November 30, 2008 | 4:00 PM | comments

WingNutDaily has a conservative cruise slated for after the new year, so you better sign up for your spot soon -- apparently there are berths available... Why you should join WND's pre-Obama cruise A special message - and radical offer...Read More

Just Be Good for Goodness Sake

Filed by Terrance Heath | November 30, 2008 | 2:30 PM | comments

I saw this ad on the DC Metro this week, and wanted to blog about it, but hadn’t had time until now. And just in time for Xmas. Has anyone alerted Bill O’Reilly yet?...Read More

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NYC World AIDS Day Event

Filed by Eric Leven | November 30, 2008 | 1:00 PM | comments

NYC World AIDS Day Event Monday December 1st. 2008 CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL begins at 6PM Gay Men's Health Crisis - Tisch Building Lobby 119 West 24th St. (btwn 6th/7th Ave.) NYC CANDLE LIGHT PROCESSION to Judson Memorial Church: 55 Washington...Read More

Keeping LGBT Hope Alive

Filed by Michael Crawford | November 30, 2008 | 11:30 AM | comments

For those of you who are feeling pessimistic about the possibility of achieving full equality for LGBT people, I present Jason McElway: iPhone users: Click to watch Jason's story is not about LGBT issues, but his amazing story shows what...Read More

Learning About Trans People

Filed by Eric Marcus | November 30, 2008 | 10:00 AM | comments

My post last Sunday about rules for answering GLBTQ questions generated a heated back and forth over what trans people prefer to be called (among other trans issues). The exchange just confirmed for me that when I'm asked questions about...Read More

Anderson Cooper in a Swimsuit

Filed by Michael Crawford | November 30, 2008 | 7:30 AM | comments

iPhone users: Click to watch Anderson Cooper races Olympic swimmer/hottie Michael Phelps. Wanna take a guess on who wins?...Read More


Dan Savage Letting No One Off the Hook

Filed by Ed Team | November 30, 2008 | 7:00 AM | comments

"When a minority group is targeted for discrimination, when their rights are under assault at the ballot box, the ineptness of the political campaign waged to defend that minority does not excuse the actions of voters who back discrimination. White...Read More