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Arizona's proposition 102 updates

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The other contributors and I have been providing lots of updates about Prop 8 in California, and Waymon's been doing an excellent job providing coverage of Florida's Amendment 2.

California's taken the time, money, and focus of the LGBT community away from other ballot initiatives, justified or not. While we're barely keeping up in the fundraising race in California, the fundies have been able to send more money there and raise bunches more in the other states. Fortunately, we're right, and that counts for something.

So I'll be posting shortly about what's up in Connecticut and Arkansas. Here's Arizona

Recent polling's hard to find, but the latest I found was a 9/30 Cronkite/Eight poll that had the initiative winning at 49-42.

Here's the TV No ad from Arizona:

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The No campaign is being thwomped when it comes to money. The Yes campaign has raised around $7M and the No campaign has raised $575K.

Seriously out-funded, the No campaign is running a mostly-radio ad campaign. You can listen to their radio ads on their site.

On the bright side, the No campaign is winning when it comes to newspaper endorsements, and they've already won in Arizona two years ago on a similar proposition.

Here's one of the Yes campaign's ad, in the category of "Sodomy = Death":

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Most of the Yes campaigns ads are along the lines of the one above. But here's their response to the constant accusations of legal ambiguity in the wording of the amendment (it's only journalists and lawyer saying that it's ambiguous... it's not like they know as much about the law as cowboys do):

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I'm hopeful it's going to lose. Arizona was the toast of the country when they beat back the last amendment. Now they've become the red headed stepchild of the state battles since California has dominated with Florida right behind as the hero's sidekick.

I'm very confident that Florida will lose, but I'm not so sure about California. But Arizona? Still a toss up - all due to lack of funds. They beat it back once. Imagine what they could have done with some cash!

this is the one I'm least confident of in the bunch. We just go seriously outfunded there.

Why do straight people give a Rat’s *** about gay marriage?
I never thought about the issue, until the barrage of advertising struck and I thought about the money.
I wanted to know why they would care. I do not like some of the sites out there and wish ….
Well, I am not thrilled with these Hitleresque people. I am writing to them.
This is an excerpt.
“Why so much fear? If your marriage fails because of legalizing gay marriage, then your marriage sucked.
If same-sex marriage becomes legal, will it then be illegal for men and women to marry each other? Would you have to be gay or die old and lonely?
Would men dump their wives & start wearing chaps?” [Do you think it needs something?]
Quotes from
‘’ Everyone has the right to live as they choose, but no one has the right to redefine marriage for all of society. Voting “yes” on Prop 102 secures the definition of marriage for future generations.’’
“ If you don’t want politicians involved in marriage, that’s the best reason to vote YES on 102!”


They say, “It’s simple.” Well, yes it is.
If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry someone who is gay.
That is simple. Right?

As bad as it is for me to say it, I'm not all that hopeful.

It is, wholly, a lack of funds. And what *really* burns us here is that it shouldn't even have been.

it was rammed through in violation of the very rules of the state leg.

On the flip side, though, it has energized much of the "base", and don't be surprised if the those same people who pushed this through, find themselves running for office over the next four years against LGBT candidates.

Not merely supportive of LGBT, but LGBT themselves.

In Arizona, when we get peeved about something, we change it back.

Arizona passed it, how sad. I really didn't think it would pass. I was quite proud of my state when we voted it down a few years ago.