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Ballot initiative results from Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, and Florida, oh and King County

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Arkansas Act 1

Arkansas voters passed Initiative Act 1 with 57% of the vote yesterday. The measure bans unmarried couples in that state from adopting or foster parenting. It doesn't affect single parents' ability to parent.

This is the most ridiculous ballot initiative I've seen in a while. The state of Arkansas has 3700 children in the foster care system and only 1000 available homes. One would think that the last thing that state would want to do would be to significantly reduce the number of foster parents, but there they went.

I realize that many social workers, faced with an even greater shortage of homes, will just start treating unmarried couples as single people. But the fact that there would even be people in the state so motivated by the Arkansas Supreme Court's decision in 2006, which lifted the ban on gay foster parenting, that they'd sacrifice children's well-being, is disgusting. I hope the Arkansans who voted for this come off their high this week, look at what they did, and are ashamed of themselves. Because there's nothing for them to be proud of here.

Arizona Proposition 102

Arizona's queer activists beat this one back in 2006, but some dirty tricks put it back on the ballot and lots of money got it through. It passed with 56% of the vote.

While our money and attention was diverted to the west, in California, the evangelicals and Mormons were able to focus on both battles at the same time. I guess that comes with the territory of being a, you know, actually oppressed minority, not a pretend one like how the Yes campaigns in both states like to portray themselves.

This one is annoying, because it probably could have been won if it weren't for the pushed fight in California diverting resources away. The No campaign made what they had work well, but the cards were stacked against them.

Florida Amendment 2

This one passed with 62 percent of the vote. I was more hopeful here because 60% was required to pass it, and LGBT activists were doing good work in that state.

I'm sure Waymon will have more to say about this one tomorrow.

Connecticut Question 1

The good news of the night - Connecticut defeated Question 1 to have a constitutional convention, 40-60. This was funded mainly by the Connecticut Catholic Conference and the Family Institute of Connecticut after the Connecticut Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

Since the question can only be put on the ballot once every 20 years, and since, if a constitutional convention happened there, the road to banning same-sex marriage through a ballot initiative would take at least 2 years, same-sex marriage will be happening in Connecticut for at least 22 years now.

California Proposition 8

Results aren't completely in. With 79% of precincts reporting, it's up 52-48. But I'm not going to stay up for all the results because it's crazy late.

And I almost forgot because it wasn't statewide....

King County Charter Change Amendment 2

This passed with 71% of the vote, and it prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and disability in King County, Washington, which includes Seattle.

Another victory!

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I am just sick. I live in AZ and we were hoping that 102 would be defeated once again, but afraid it would pass because of the fight in California.
i have 2 gay brothers, one in Tucson, and one in Sacramento. My brother and his husband got married 3 months ago in Sacramento. My Tucson brother and I were thinking about moving back to Cali mainly for that reason. We are all crushed.
What now?

Oh there are several groups. Our Dear new President elect for paying lip service to get this defeated, Mormons, James F'n Dobson and his minions of evangelicals, Kinghts of Columbus and lastly African Americans.

First shame on the Bilerico for letting your comment stay up.

I love the way that blacks are blamed for everything. When white gay people want to complain about inequality the first thing that they point to is that they are being treated like blacks. Heavens knows we simply cannot have a white man being treated like a black man. What the hell good is white privilege if it cannot be used in all situations right?

I also want to point out to you that your commentary makes all the black people who worked to defeat this invisible. It further makes black members of the GBLTQI community invisible.

If you equality and respect start by displaying some and stop making members of your own community invisible. I am sick of this kind of racist hierarchy. Blame the blacks indeed. I blame bigots like you who make the GBLTQI community insular.

I am angry. Whom do I blame? Oh there are several groups. Our Dear new President elect for paying lip service to get this defeated, Mormons, James F'n Dobson and his minions of evangelicals, Kinghts of Columbus and lastly African Americans. Oh I know that last one is not p.c, but you know what, I don't is the truth. Deal with it. Polls show they voted 70% against us while voting for Obama....shame, shame shame on you.

William D. Lindsey William D. Lindsey | November 5, 2008 6:52 AM

The vote for act 1 in Arkansas was deeply disappointing. I'm ashamed of my state, not for the first time. The God, guns, and gays mantra keeps us ignorant and backward, and we vote against our best interest economically and socially. We went for McCain, of course.

Lots of work to do to educate and change attitudes in many places, particularly after the years of snake-doctor work of the Republican party and religious right, injecting the toxins of fear and hate.

On the positive sign, the turn to the Democrats nationwide portends better days for the LGBT community everywhere, even as work continues to face us. We can do it.

About 52%/48% with 89% of precincts reporting. It is highly unlikely that about 340,000 votes can be made up in the precincts that remain.

We won the battle but lost the war.

Or something really stupid like that. Getting out the vote for Obama, registering new voters for the Democratic party out of those minority groups which were previously marginalized, both activities have resulted in creating many new voters who, while for Obama, were likely to be against marriage for gays and lesbians. At least that will be the claim of some of those more libertarian/conservative, LCR-type gays.

Then there will be those who blatantly wish to take away all aspects of our rights who will be crowing over this. They are those who have used an appeal to a supposed god for these last several millenia to denounce such as us for whom we should find to love. They are those who have denied us our full measure of joy in our lives for too long.

I thought I was seeing a bright shining star of hope, and yet now there seems not to even exist the glimmer from a moonless pond at midnight. I am getting old, been ill, and this fight no longer seems to be winnable in my lifetime (whatever that may be). Yes, it is depressing, mostly because half of me seems to want to believe the idea that the methodology for an Obama win is the reason for our demise on Florida Amendment 2, Arizona Proposition 102, and California Proposition 8. The other half is repulsed by the almost racist interpretation that must engender.

But the high I felt listening to Obama’s speech in Grant Park has been replaced by the thought that I would rather had not heard of Barack Obama or the ‘audacity of hope.’ Bittersweet doesn’t describe the sourness I now feel.

Because I think I forgot to subscribe to the thread. And I don't want to miss what you say to my post, if anything.

Reformed Ascetic | November 5, 2008 9:34 AM

In light of how the initiatives we were watching around the country went, I want to send my condolences and best wishes to everyone. Especially those who worked so hard.

I would like to say something more uplifting but this morning I just can't seem to find the words.

In the end we will win, the road just appears to be longer than we were hoping.

Hamtramck meanwhile repealed it's existing GLBT protection law by an overwhelming margin.

From the Detroit News :

HAMTRAMCK -- Residents on Tuesday repealed a controversial human rights ordinance that's less than a year old.


The ordinance, approved by the City Council in January, bans discrimination in areas such as housing, employment and city contracts. It includes protection for sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

Obama promised change, and it's coming all right. He believes that marriage is between "a man and a woman" on religious grounds, and so do 70% of Black Americans.

There was a reason for removing all references to GLBTs in the Democrat party platform, as cynics like myself said at the time.

Politically, it makes sense to court the Religious vote. After all, who are the GLBTs going to vote for? The worst thing that can happen is that they'll stay at home. But the Religious, they'll not just vote DNC, they won't vote GOP as usual, a twofer.

Obama is nothing if not a political animal.

So someone is offended about what I said. Good you should be offended and angry. We just got thrown under the damn bus, and you want to hold hands and sing joy to the world. Go right ahead lady, that is why we lose because of weak people like you. I always considered myself a liberal Democract, I do not know what to think of myself now.

i hate to say it, but i have to agree with you, Dave. i saw the same exit polls. if those same black americans had voted no on 8 as well as voting for obama, we wouldnt be in this situation. it is sad but true.

as for womanistmusings, what the heck is that alfabet soup that you used? did you sneeze when you were trying to type GLBT? or are you trying to be so politically correct, the gay community has become nothing but a string of letters? we are all queer. as for making all those black folk, both gay or straight, who voted against prop 8 being invisible? i dont think so. its the 70% of the black folk who voted FOR prop 8 that have marginalized an entire segment of the population. the queer population. THEY made US "invisible"

Patently racist and "othering". Blame the blacks, do you feel better now? Does it change anything for you? Would you like to blame us for the mortgage crises as well?

Did you stop to think about the blacks that are gay that worked tirelessly to defeat this? Did you think about the black bloggers who spoke out against this proposition repeatedly, of which I am one. Did you think about the blacks that voted against this because they believe strongly in human rights?

You just want somewhere to vent your hatred and the black community has always been the easy scape goat of the white and privileged. I see you don't bother to indite the whites who voted for this proposition. Do you think that it would have passed without them? I can assure you that blacks are not large members of the mormon church who worked tirelessly to ensure that your rights were denied.

Finally to the Bilerico. I started coming here because I strongly believe in the cause of justice. I may be a straight woman but I have always affirmed love in all forms. It is a sad day to see that I blog that I have come to love has no problem publishing inflammatory racist commentary. Your editors didn't even bother to disavow it. Clearly blacks only count when you want something from us. In search of equality my ass.


here are the facts:
84% of Christians that voted FOR Obama voted yes on prop 8. we expected that.
64% of Catholics that voted FOR Obama voted yes for prop 8. we expected that.
70% of Black voters who voted FOR Obama voted yes for Prop 8. we DID NOT expect that.

lol the Mormon vote for Obama was so minisule it wasnt recorded. and we know that all of the Mormons voted yes for prop 8.

these are all straight folks. not queers. i'll bet that every single black queer voted against prop 8. there is no doubt in my mind. what is blowing me and many others away is the sheer numbers of black STRAIGHT voters who threw us under the bus. we KNEW that all christianists (catholics, mormons babtists ect ect) would vote for prop 8. foolishly, because of the civil rights movement of just 40 years ago, we expected most black folk to vote against prop 8. it stunned most of us that they overwhelmingly voted to have bigotry built into the state constitution. i fight every day for ALL queer Americans. not just the white ones. not just the asian ones. not just the black ones. everyone that identifies as queer. there is a difference between "them" and "us". YOU are a part of "us". why are you defending "them"? they are part of the problem for us! we need to educate everyone who voted against "us" and that includes the 70% of black voters who chose to deny me and you the right to get married to someone we love.

Bil and I have been speaking out against the racism on other threads, and we sort of let this one die. Check out Bil's angry post a few above this one.

But we're going to let the comments stand. We have a very lax comment moderation policy. We generally only remove comments that directly insult other people, threats of violence, and spam. Everything else, we leave up in the interest of free speech.

Bilerico is, first and foremost, a place for people with divergent opinions to come together in one forum.

oh sorry, i just saw that you are straight. oh goodie. you can get married. how nice for you. i cant. you can visit your partner in the hospital if he is sick. i cant. if your partner dies, no one will try to take his property from you. my partner died. his family came in and took everything we built together for over 10 years away from me. they left me with NOTHING. i'll bet you that you dont EVER have to worry about that. yet 70% of your neibours said i cant have what you have. black or white lady, you will never understand the pain we go thru every day because of that 70%. i fully expected some black folk would vote against us. but not in such numbers. that is what we are upset about. dont give me any racist crap. that wont wash. its not about race. its about rights. i fought for rights for black people. i expected those same people to fight for me. i was sadly mistaken.

What so want a cookie because you fought for civil want a you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours? Well justice doesn't work that way. Either you believe in it or you don't. By the way your whiteness is showing.

I may exist with straight privilege but when you walk down the street yours sexuality is INVISIBLE, I wear my blackness everyday so don't you dare tell me I don't know what the hell discrimination and marginalization is all about. When you walk into a store do you get followed because people think you are going to steal? Have you ever had someone express surprise that you are an intelligent being based on your appearance alone? I doubt it.

I am not here denying that an injustice was not done but I completely resent the blame the black routine. It's funny how when you need the support of the black community you expect them/us to come out in droves and yet homosexuality is always constructed as and represented as white. Well Sambo doesn't always serve on command, sorry about your luck there.

The reason you had so many problems with the black vote to begin with is because the gay community has historically failed to reach out the black community and has turned it into a white run. white represented group. Don't think that because you are a marginalized group that you cannot be equally guilty of racism.

The reason blacks did not turn out is because of our links to the Christian Church and that is the category /we should be under..there is no need to single us out and say the blacks, but you would know that if your whiteness wasn't showing.