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Sunday Funnies: McCain on SNL and Colbert on Prop 8

Filed By Waymon Hudson | November 02, 2008 11:30 AM | comments

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McCain took to the airwaves last night on Saturday Night Live. Here's his opening sketch with Tina Fey/Palin.

Did this seem like a really harsh, weird dig on Palin to anyone else? I think it only made the McCain Campaign look more divided and chaotic. Although Fey was amazing as always! You betcha!

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McCain also went on Weekend Update and spoke about his sporadic "strategy" to win. "Double Maverick", indeed...

Is it just me or does McCain seem a bit defeated already in these videos. Seth Meyers was great, though!

Also, Stephen Colbert took on Apple for giving to the "No on 8" Campaign in his "Wag of the Finger" segment. Once again he skewers the fear of marriage equality, as well as the absurdity of the far-right and their boycott threats.

So what do you think, Projectors?

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I watched the SNL sketch last night and thought that it was pretty bad for the mccain campaign. Not only did it make Palin seem frivolous and self-absorbed, the barbs at the McCain's campaigns incompetence right before an election seem like an awful idea.

I mean, people vote often for who they think is going to win, and McCain came off as a real loser in that sketch.

That's because he is a loser, Alex! :)

I loved the skits and I thought they were the funniest ones since Tina Fey's original Palin imitation. I was surprised they actually got McCain to agree to this.

I hear a rumor that Obama will be on tonight's SNL Primetime.