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Congressional election night thread

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Alex - 2:24

In Minnesota House races, CNN called it for Michele "McCarthy of the 21st Century" Bachmann. At least she'll be able to publish that expose of all the unpatriotic Congresscritters.

CNN also says Ashwin Madia lost. He was the first lawyer to win a DADT case for his gay client.

In Colorado, FMA author Marilyn Musgrave lost. So we all won.

Alex - 11:51

Local South Carolina news has called their US House District 1 for Henry Brown in Linda Kutner's race. So there won't be two lesbians in the House this session.

In better news, FMA author Marilyn Musgrave is down, way down, in her reelection campaign. With 67% reporting, Betsy Markey's winning 57-42.

Alex - 10:57

The Denver Post just called it for Jared Polis. He's the first person in Congress who was elected for the first time as an out gay man. He's also now the third LGBTQ person in Congress. Congrats to him!

Alex - 10:43

With 37%, Linda Ketner's down 57-43

Michele Bachman's also up, 47-43.

Anti-abortion initiatives in South Dakota and Colorado both failed.

Alex - 10:10

New England has no more Republican Congresscritters. Chris Shays, who was an ally on ENDA, lost his reelection campaign.

ABC called it a little while ago for Mitch McConnell, so he's still there.

Alex - 9:06

ABC just called New Mexico for Tom Udall, giving the Dems another seat in the Senate.

Linda Ketner's down 59-41 with 17% reporting.

Alex - 8:28

With 5% of precincts reporting, openly lesbian Congressional candidate Linda Ketner is losing 57-43.

Alex - 8:24

In the Senate, CBS has called New Hampshire for Jeanne Shaheen over John Sununu. Awesome, since he stole that election 6 years ago.

Virginia was called for Mark Warner.

And CBS is calling North Carolina for Kay Hagan. There's probably almost no evidence that this is a backlash over that last ad in which Liddy Dole called Hagan an atheist, but I expect every gasbag on TV to say that it is. They love simple narratives, and at least that one works out in thinking people's favor.

So that's 3 pick-ups for the Democrats so far in the Senate.

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Here in GA, we are still waiting to see the outcome of the Senate race. If Jim Martin (D) can whittle more percentage from Chambliss (R), then there'll be a run-off. The Libertarian has taken enough away to possibly force a run-off.