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It's Not The Size That Matters

Filed By Scott Kaiser | November 16, 2008 6:30 PM | comments

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in yesterday's rallies for marriage equality across the nation. The protests were a top news story all over the Internet and on many television stations. It could not be dismissed or ignored. My partner and I were not able to make it to the rally here in Phoenix because of a prior commitment, but we appreciate that those that did and realize the importance of their efforts.

While reading about the Phoenix event on a local news station's website, I saw someone comment that the crowd of about 2,000 was not very large in comparison to the area's overall population. The commenter deduced that the Phoenix-area LGBT community must be a very small minority. He implied that somehow the size of the crowd was important to our quest for equality.

My response to that person is this: As long as there even one person that must protest or petition the government for their rights, it is of importance. We should all be equal in the eyes of the law. If even one person's rights are trampled on, justice has been subverted and none of us are free.

This is one case where size truly does not matter.

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We had 250. 2000 is a huge amount comparatively...

Reformed Ascetic | November 17, 2008 4:36 AM

Unofficial reports from Tennessee show approximately 150 people in Memphis, 200 in Nashville and 100 in Knoxville. There may well have been smaller protests in other cities that haven't hit the radar yet.

As Bil noted these numbers may sound small compared to protests in CA and DC, but they are quite large for any kind of protest or vigil in this state. In what is currently being described as the reddest state in the nation people (LGBT and straight, religious and not) came out strong and visibly took a stand.

They were apparently all peaceful.

Congratulations to everyone involved.