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Keith Olbermann's special comment last night on Proposition 8

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 11, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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Keith Olbermann devoted his special comment last night to Prop 8 in California.

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I love KO, and this special comment was really the kind of thing we need to turn this around (impassioned support from straight allies). However, two things struck me in last night's countdown.

First, his insistence at the beginning of the comment that he didn't have a vested interest in this topic. That was odd considering the seemingly friendly relationship he shares with Rachel Maddow (love her show) who follows him on MSNBC. I think he was trying to add to the meaning of his comment by removing any hint of "personal bias", but it would have been better to just leave that part off IMHO.

Secondly, is it just me, or is anybody else tired of Bill O being the worst person every single night? I think there should be a moratorium on Bill O for awhile.

The oppressors will always vote to continue the oppression. This should never been put to a popular vote because it's up to the courts to end discrimination toward minorities.
If slavery had been put to a vote in the 19th century, probably it would have been approved for the very same reason Proposition 8 was passed: It's the way it has always been done, and the Bible said it was okay.
We are who we are and we love who we love, and if we want to make a formal lifelong commitment to someone who brings joy and happiness in our lives, no one should deny us that right.