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Last Chance to Sail Along with the WND Wingers

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WingNutDaily has a conservative cruise slated for after the new year, so you better sign up for your spot soon -- apparently there are berths available...

Why you should join WND's pre-Obama cruise

A special message - and radical offer - from Managing Editor David Kupelian

Dear WND readers,

I know. With all three branches of the U.S. government soon to be in the hands of the liberal-left, many of you are plagued by two giant-sized questions:

1. What can you do - what can anyone do - to protect America from morphing into another pathetic socialist state where liberty, prosperity and morality are just a fond memory? And;

2. How can you positively protect yourself, your family, your assets and your personal freedoms during what promises to be a very challenging next four years?

For some inspired and possibly life-changing answers, I want to personally invite as many of you as possible to join me, along with WND founders Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, best-selling author Jerome Corsi, Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein and other key WND folks on a pre-inauguration cruise in the Western Caribbean. Rest assured, we will thoroughly explore those two big issues - and a whole lot more.

Look at who you could cruise with...

For an entire week, you'll be interacting, dining, talking to and generally hanging out with:

  • Joseph Farah - founder, editor and CEO of WorldNetDaily, who sits at the helm of the Internet's premiere independent news organization. WND is constantly growing in readership and influence, while most of the "mainstream" (cough) press is rapidly losing readers, downsizing and in some cases going out of business. Farah has a fantastic message of hope, based on specific steps that individual Americans can take in their families and their communities to rebirth the real America, regardless of who occupies the marbled halls of Washington, D.C
  • Jerome Corsi - whose brilliant WND reporting during the 2008 election season, including authoring the No. 1 New York Times best seller "The Obama Nation," vexed Obama so much that, out of desperation, he publicly accused Corsi of just "makin' stuff up." Besides briefing us expertly on what's in store during the upcoming "age of Obama," there's one other area in which Corsi is also tops: economics and finance, having been involved in that industry for over 25 years. Corsi is the creator of the amazingly prescient financial newsletter RED ALERT, and he's ready, willing and able to share his economic insights and advice with cruisers, both in groups and individually
  • Aaron Klein - who talk radio legend G. Gordon Liddy says is not only "the most accurate, talented reporter in the Middle East," but also has "better access to the terrorist bad guys than Muhammad would if he came back from the dead." Now, remember the "test" Joe Biden predicted Obama will attract within his first six months - you know, the one that will sorely shake the nation's confidence in the new president? While no one (except Biden) can predict the future, there's a good chance that "test" will emanate from the Middle East, very possibly Iran. Fortunately, we'll have WND's Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein cruising with us, who will fill us in on the international scene in a way that perhaps no other reporter has the knowledge and courage to do
  • And yes, I'll be there, to expose the latest - and upcoming - political and cultural madness to infect America, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from it. I'll also discuss my upcoming book - the sequel to "The Marketing of Evil" - and we'll explore together how to identify and combat the many immoral and atheistic influences that are attempting to subvert our core institutions and convert the greatest nation on earth into a Sodom-and-Gomorrah freak show. This is a war we can win - indeed, must win, because the soul of our nation hangs in the balance.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 30, 2008 6:02 PM

I am thinking about my vacation plans now. I'll bet that a lot of fun could be had on a trip like this.

On the other hand, being trapped on a boat with countless hay-haters, could get really old really fast.

Angela Brightfeather | November 30, 2008 9:12 PM


I'm there if you are honey. I think what that cruise really needs to is to have some very, merry, Transgender people on board to liven things up a bit. I'd like to fill out an application just to see how they woud react to about 20 people not being able to state their gender in terms asked for.

Do you think the threat of having that many Trans people would cancel the cruise?

Lessee here, they're taking a western Caribbean cruise. I can only guess two of the destinations; Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island, and Jamaica. I've taken this cruise before, although we had Bears on ours instead of Reichers.Of course, if you weren't already aware, Grand Cayman is a tax haven, and I'll bet that has more to do with this cruise than conservative politics. It is very entertaining to watch the well-heeled touristas disembark at Georgetown, wearing their expensive beachwear with their briefcases and portfolios, heading for the banks, lawyers, and investment firms located a couple blocks from the dock. The day ours docked there, there were 5 cruise ships moored, and the lines at the banks were long indeed. Fine with me, Susan and I were more interested in pirate coinage and clothes.

Jamaica is simply straight up bigoted. Ocho Rios reminded me of any American rustbelt inner city, complete with storefront churches and bars, dropped into a tropical paradise. They are anti-GLBT and do not pretend otherwise, and the cruises usually warn gay couples to avoid public displays of affection in Jamaica.

Sorry, Angela, but I've no desire to share a cruise ship with 1000 Reichers. They do have the king of all Harley-Davidson dealerships on Grand Cayman, however, with an Eaglerider booth, so with a credit card. you can rent a Sportster and explore the island properly.

Is there any way someone with no money like me can get on this? or is saving the nation, in true conservative form, only for those who can pony up?