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Prop 8 updates: New poll, extortion, endorsements, rallies, and ads

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New poll. SUSA has their last poll out, and it puts Prop 8 losing at 47-50. We ought to round these up after the election and see who did the best job, SUSA, PPIC, or Field Poll.

New endorsements. Barack Obama just told MTV that he's opposed to Prop 8 and thinks marriage is "between a man and a woman." Thanks so much for all your help, Barack.

Ann Landers posthumously endorses a No vote.

While I seldom try to speak for her, I know for a certainty that she would have encouraged all the people who ever wrote to her looking for guidance to vote no on Proposition 8. I know this because she was all about equality, dignity and rights. While she would have respected those who took the Bible literally, she also would have invited them to live according to their principles, and allow others to do the same. So if, per chance, before you vote you might wonder what your old friend Ann Landers would advise, remember her lifelong devotion to fairness, open-mindedness and love.

The mayor of San Diego.

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And the LA Times.

Religions and their believers are free to define marriage as they please; they are free to consider homosexuality a sin. But they are not free to impose their definitions of morality on the state. Proposition 8 proponents know this, which is why they have misdirected the debate with highly colored illusions about homosexuals trying to take away the rights of religious Californians. Since May, when the state Supreme Court overturned a proposed ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional, more than 16,000 devoted gay and lesbian couples have celebrated the creation of stable, loving households, of equal legal stature with other households. Their happiness in no way diminishes the rights or happiness of others.

Californians must cast a clear eye on Proposition 8's real intentions. It seeks to change the state Constitution in a rare and terrible way, to impose a single moral belief on everyone and to deprive a targeted group of people of civil rights that are now guaranteed. This is something that no Californian, of any religious belief, should accept. Vote no to the bigotry of Proposition 8.

Nancy Pelosi on the TV.

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So the No campaign has put some of the bigger ones into their latest ad.

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More extortion from the Yes campaign. This time they're threatening to recall a city council member.

Evan Low, who serves on the Campbell City Council, reported this week that he had received threats from half a dozen people that if he did not rescind his endorsement against Prop 8 he would be recalled from office.

"I have received seven calls today threatening to recall me from office if I do not publicly retract my position and switch to Yes on 8," Low informed supporters in an e-mail Wednesday, October 29. "The Yes on 8 campaign is continuing their efforts of deception and coercion. Let's have a strong showing during this final stretch."

Mormon Mom Rally. This is pretty awesome.

Rally in WeHo. Patrick Range McDonald has pictures.

New ads. From the No campaign, about kids.

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Republicans Against 8 pull the Reagan card.

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Here's a web ad from the Yes campaign. They're pulling out all the stops and positing themselves as the perpetual victims of everyone in the world. What. An. Fucking. Surprise.

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Alex, I can always count on you to say the right thing. Thank you. It's very jarring to hear Obama say that while he doesn't support messing around with the California constitution he is against gay marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman. I'm sorry, that viewpoint by progressives is becoming more and more obsolete by the hour. Let's hope this likely new president can move on this issue during his first term in office. My bet is on Michelle. I would wager that she's already there.

I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.

You know, you've done another helluva good roundup of all things Prop 8, Alex, but I'll be so damned glad when this is over.

I'm sick of the Prop 8 posts, personally. I'd rather not have to talk about it again.

Hmm backstabers comes to mind "Beware the hand shake that holds the snake and your enemey will do you no harm as you know where he is coming from."Sorry if I didnt qoute that song correctly.

George Malone | November 3, 2008 11:54 PM

Obama has been against gay marriage from the start. He has always stated that he prefers civil unions. Let’s face it, we don’t have the majority of Democratic politicians behind us on this, we don’t. We have WAY LESS republican on our side. But the Democrats are the best bet. If a marriage bill gets to the white house I want a Democrat sitting behind the desk. At least they would have the balls to consider it.

A gay person voting for McCain is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.