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New York Senate: Democrats could take over tonight

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 05, 2008 12:04 AM | comments

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I'm also following the NY Senate here, because it's two people away from a Democratic majority. The state has a Democratic Assembly and a Democratic governor. This is important on two issues, GENDA and same-sex marriage.

Their Assembly has already passed same-sex marriage and the governor said he would sign it, but the Republican-controlled Senate let the bill die this last session. A Democratic Senate would most likely move that bill through, and New York would be the first state to pass same-sex marriage through the legislature.

The state's ENDA left the T-folk behind years ago, and hasn't been able to work a majority in the Senate for GENDA.

The NY Times has a great article up about this now:

Boosted by a surge of new voters, Democrats appeared poised to win a majority in the New York state Senate on Tuesday night, putting the party in control of both houses of the Legislature and the governor's office for the first time since the New Deal.

Democrats turned out in historic numbers from Buffalo to Long Island, overcoming a vaunted Republican political machine and defeated two Republican senators -- Caesar Trunzo, of Long Island, and Serphin R. Maltese, of Queens -- whose combined years in office spanned more than a half a century.

But the elation felt by party leaders on Tuesday night was tempered by lingering questions about the allegiance of four Democratic senators from New York City, who have so far refused to commit to supporting a Democrat for the majority leader's post, currently held by Senator Dean G. Skelos, the Nassau County Republican.

If no other seats change hands by the end of the night, Democrats would control at least 32 out of the 62 seats in the Senate.

That'd be great. I'll keep you posted.

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