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Talking 'bout a Queer Revolution Roundup

Filed By Michael Crawford | November 15, 2008 8:00 PM | comments

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Let's just say that the entire LGBT community seems to be shouting collectively "No more Mr/Ms Nice LGBT!"

I'm loving it!

In case you missed some of the fast and furiousness, here's a sample of TBP's coverage of the past week.


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The Queers are Upset that I'm not an Upset Queer - Ryan Miller


A Glass Half Full - Jesse Monteagudo

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The Gays are Pissed. Now What? - Michael Crawford


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Protests not Convenient? Deal with It - Waymon Hudson

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ITS ABOUT TIME WE FOUGHT BACK... It just become OBVIOUS after the election that we have no allies and we are being thrown under the bus and noone gives a sh...t Yea i am angry because we continue to be pounced oin and used as a doormat for the religious right and conservative politicians..THIS NEEDS TO END NOW... our community is finally getting off its AZZZ and doing something.. I have never seen anything since I have been in the gaay community get everyone angered as much as this election... We need more rallies bigger and better because there are alot more people straight and gay ready to be heard. I have never been political or vocal but i am now .... and IM MAD and I am not going to allow america to get away with this .. and I am going to fight for our equal rights til i DIE....
ed in fort lauderdale