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The Days Ahead

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I write this with a heavy heart. I, like you, have sacrificed everything in our fight to defeat Prop 8. And on Tuesday, we lost. This is an outcome that is fundamentally unjust, unfair, and wrong. We banded together as a community like never before. We gave our hearts, our money, our time, and our unwavering commitment--and for that we should be proud.

Proponents of Prop 8 lied, cheated, and extorted to win. They ran a disgraceful campaign that distorted the truth, exploited children, and preyed upon fear. They had a staggering war chest of resources--a good portion of which came from out of state. The Mormon Church invested more than $14 million and mobilized their members to canvass door-to-door, phone bank from Utah, and telecast anti-gay sermons throughout their congregations. The proponents sunk to the lowest level of fear mongering and lies --something we would never do.

In spite of such dirty politics, we captured 48% of the vote--and three million ballots remain to be counted--which is good news upon which we can build. We have seen a tidal shift in public understanding of the importance of respecting our relationships and our families over the past eight years. Which is why it is all the more important that we continue to stand, and stand together, for fairness and justice in the aftermath of yesterday's vote.

This was a crushing defeat. But this was not the fight of our lives. That is yet to come. We are not done yet. As I write this, I feel anger, frustration, and overwhelming disappointment, but I have felt this way before: when we lost the marriage case at the California Court of Appeal before we won in the California Supreme Court, when Congress moved forward with a non-inclusive ENDA before our national community mobilized to demand an inclusive bill, when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld laws criminalizing same-sex intimacy in Bowers v. Hardwick before it repudiated that devastating ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. In all civil rights movements, there are setbacks and stinging losses. But we must pick ourselves up and move forward. There is no other choice. It is the only way to create change.

And the change has begun. History was made with the election of Barack Obama as our nation's first African American president. The significance of that cannot be overstated. Our nation has elected many fair-minded leaders who we hope will work to protect us and our families.

So today I make you this promise: I will keep fighting. I need you to make the same promise.

There is so much work to be done, and NCLR is here. We're not going anywhere, and we will not rest until every LGBT person in this country has full equality under the law.

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Yep...STRAIGHT for EQUALITY here...left messages below and on Waymon's Florida post. ...no time now going to demonstration today.
Roll your sleeves up folks...its time to fight the GORILLA of evangelical homophobia once and for ALL. Force him back into his little cage and let LOVE and EQUALITY dominate again.

PS. We also need a fully inclusive ENDA, DOMA and DADT repealed so if Joe S doesn't get it done soon...he is out as far as I am concerned. Since he didn't want to be involved in CA...let him get to work in Washington.

The voter turnout in San Fran county was a pathetic 52%. So damned near half the registered voters there did not even show up at the polls. Maybe all the queer folk voted, and the 48% are the straights who all stayed home? Where do we get off blaming the blacks and latinos if we don't even bother to vote. (Just out of curiosity, what were the turnout figures for WeHo?) (And don't get me wrong, I think it's ridiculous and un-American that anyone's civil rights can be eliminated by plebiscite.)

The reason should be obvious. SF is a union town and a left wing town.

There are plenty of people there who recognize that a vote for a Democrat is a wasted vote. In particular if it’s a vote for a tawdry hustler like Obama. They can read so they know that Obama championed Bushes $700 billion dollar gift to the retards on Wall Street, plus $113 billion to AIG (whose CEO got a $10 million dollar golden parachute and who spent $8 million on ‘conferences’ in resorts ), plus $35 billion the automakers (who are back at the trough, demanding more) plus roughly $2.2 trillion for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.)

If you add to that the $215 billion cost of the genocide, voted annually by gutless wonders like Obama and the Democrats you're talking real money. It’s used by Bush to pay for mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan, apartheid in Palestine and cross border raids against Syria and Pakistan. The details are in the report The Military Cost of Securing Energy which you can access here http://nationalpriorities.org/Energy_Security/Energy_Prioritieso;s

Add them up and we may get close to doubling the national debt his year.

Lots of people in the Bay Area are socialists or radicals of one flavor or another who know that Obama is an opportunist who’s first and only allegiance is to the rich. Here's an excellent analysis of why that is: http://www.counterpunch.com/cockburn10032008.html

Any updates on the current lawsuits?

Any updates on the current lawsuits?

I certainly appreciate your dedication. I know hindsight is always 20/20. I realize Obama could not stick his neck out to defend us as American citizens after the Rick Warren debate, but other influential blacks could. Did you make the wrong choice for a PR firm ?
You raised 2 million dollars more than our opposition. Do you blame ineptness of the PR firm you hired? How much do you have left and what are you doing with the money this time ?

Alex Grigny Alex Grigny | November 9, 2008 9:01 AM

Thanks, Kate, for putting these events in perspective. The fight goes on, but the frustration is big at the moment, I had high hopes for California now... the Netherlands did not implode when we opened up marriage to all, and it worked as a model for other states... I was hoping California would have a similar leading role in the battle for equality in the USA. At least, we did not lose Connecticut, and there are hopes with the new administration.

The Right used its favourite weapon, the one that they always use when wrentching rights out of the hands of Americans: fear.

Hyperbole, lies, nightmares born out of deep fears....this is their arsenal.

Well, we have a real fear to prey upon: Empowered, what will be their net three steps?

No difficulty seeing what their agenda is, we've only to tie their future plans to their battle against gay rights, and to state, over and over and plainly, any vote for any of their measures makes the "next three steps" all the more probable.