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Unite Our Country Again: Put Up a Flag

Filed By Scott Kaiser | November 05, 2008 6:00 PM | comments

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Last night in his acceptance speech, Obama said:

"Americans ... sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America."

2788414529_d291097d7a.jpgRemember how united the country felt after 9/11? Suddenly there were no red or blue states. We were one people, saddened by tragedy, but united as a country. What happened to that?

Yesterday history was made. Our country overcame racism and elected our first African-American President. We elected hope and showed that we believe in a better America.

As joyous as we may be, there are those today who are feeling the sting of defeat. For whatever their reasons- be they right or wrong, they chose to support John McCain. As tempting as it may be to gloat today, we must remember that these people are our fellow countrymen and women. They are part of America too. In his victory speech Obama reached out to them and promised he would hear their voices, need their help, and be their President as well.

If America really did change for the better last night and if we really want to support our new President, then we need to lead the effort to bring our country together once more. In that spirit, I am asking you to take down that Obama sign or McCain sign and hang an American flag outside your home. While we the gay community may be angry about the passage of the anti-gay propositions, let's rise above that and show our neighbors that we believe we can rise above our differences and be one nation again. Show them that we aren't just red or blue, black or white, gay or straight, but one people united for a greater good.

Let's be the America that we grew up believing in again.

(Please feel free to copy this message into e-mails, blogs, etc, and pass it on. Let's create a display of flags from coast to coast.)

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Personally, I blame Bush for the division.

LOL, Zoe. You are divine.

Thanks, I was hoping readers would understand the attempt at irony and sardonic humour.

I would hope that to any grown adult, that much would be obvious ;p

Reformed Ascetic | November 5, 2008 7:10 PM

I thought we all agreed on the liveblog last night that some gloating was due.

Too true. I hate Republicans for being so damn partisan.

I live in Kentucky - the first state projected as being won by McCain (57% to 41 % for Obama). A look at the electoral map depicts the following observation - racism still exists across the south. Ok, Virginia was narrowly won by the Obama camp and Florida is just different.

"Our country overcame racism and elected our first African-American President. We elected hope and showed that we believe in a better America."

I voted in yesterday's election. My vote for Obama yesterday was not really a vote for Obama. My vote was an effort to end the Republican strangle-hold on this nation. I would much rater have voted for Hillary or even Colin Powell.

I was deeply troubled last night by my vote for Obama. I'm concerned about his lack of experience. My hope is that he will surround himself with able advisors. He appears to be making positive steps in that direction.

Lastly, Obama is not Afro-American. He is bi-racial or mulatto. Half his DNA is African, however the other half is Caucasian. My hope is also that he leads our nation out of the mire it is now in.

Obama is our new president. Time will march forward. Hopefully his administration will be looked upon for its fairness to all ethnicities. And as the beginning from the dark days of the Bush administraton. Who knows what forces or events lie ahead of the Obama years. I pray that he and America will be up to the task ahead.

Are you kidding me? Fly the American flag-never! Not when 4 anti-gay ballot initiatives were passed yesterday. Now I know why Rev. Wright would say "God Damn America". I have no patriotism for my country, just shame and anger.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | November 6, 2008 4:49 AM

"Let's be the America that we grew up believing in again."

I know that some people actually believed the lies in the history books about a country that never existed but I think that it’s pretty dangerous to still believe them.

The real America is the one where people meekly permit Clinton and Bush to abandon the Palestinians to apartheid, and to pay for it. That led to 9-11 and the horrific murder of innocent civilians by cult fanatics driven by events in Palestine.

The real American is one where a political candidate keeps repeating that ‘god’s in the mix’ but his apologists say that’s not bigotry, or that he doesn’t really mean it, or that they’re OK with it.

The real America is the one where Congress, led by Obama and Bush, bunkers down and turns off the phones so they won’t be bothered by the firestorm of rage about the criminal bailout of the retards on Wall Street.

Now is not the time to engage in an orgy of flag waving sappiness about an American dream that’s never been real for GLBT folks, for minorities and for working people.

Now is the time to reinvigorate the fights against wars of aggression against the people of Palestine, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan in above all in Iraq where all-out genocide is being waged by US oil companies and their military enforcers. Now is the time to end the timidity of our unions and use them to combat the austerity measures Obama will impose. And now is the time to create a GLBT left to continue the fight to end bigotry.