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Volunteering for Obama in Indiana

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I began campaigning for Obama in July. I had originally been a Hillary supporter, but once I got over my grief, I got on the Obama bandwagon. Obama-volunteers.jpgI first started making phone calls in the Broad Ripple campaign office, then went up to the Fishers and Carmel offices. I met some of the most dedicated and hard-working people - people who all had the same vision as I did.

I then found myself down at 29th Street and MLK Drive. A friend of mine, Judy Goldblatt, had been doing voter registration there since December. We were set up in the parking lot of a Double 8 supermarket. I think since December they registered almost 7,000 voters.

More photos and ruminations after the jump.

Once voter registration was over, Judy was faced with the question - how do we get all these registered voters to actually vote? So she contacted African-American churches in the neighborhood and they agreed to lend us their church busses to take people down to early vote. For 2 weeks we accompanied mostly elderly African-American people down to the City-County building to vote. They were so appreciative that we were there to help them.

INpolling-place.jpgI believe this election was won by each individual doing what they could to make a difference. One by one, we all got people registered and out to vote. Yesterday I was canvassing in an apartment complex. I knocked on a door and a young man answered the door. I asked him if he had voted and he said no, he had no way to get to the polls. So my friend Myrna and I drove him and his wife to vote. All over Indianapolis, Obama workers were doing the same thing. One by one, we got it done.

I grew up in the 60's during the Civil Rights movement. Even as a young child, I wondered if African-Americans would really get the same chance as their white counterparts. In my child's mind, I could not understand why people could be so discriminated against. It is wonderful to see this day come - when white and black people come together to make a dream become reality. I have met some of the most amazing people - everyday people who just want to make life better for themselves and their families. I probably won't see most of them again - but I feel good that we all came together and worked hard to make this happen. I am very happy today!

INpolling-place2.jpg An Obama poll worker in Indiana

Tabulating the "chads"

Working at the Staging Area

Working at the Staging Area

Vote for Obama!

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I'm so proud of you, Annette. I always knew you were a workhorse for the side of good, but you really knocked yourself out with both the Clinton and Obama campaigns. I have no doubt that if you hadn't been involved, it would have been much harder to turn Indiana blue. Thanks for all you did for everyone.

Thanks Bil! The Obama campaign had an unbelievable grass-roots effort going on. It was run extremely well, with a huge amount of dedicated volunteers. So many people came together to work as one - to make phone calls, canvass, and drive people to early vote. I met some extraordinarily devoted Obama supporters - some I will never see again - but we were all in it together and we all came together to make a difference. I feel blessed to have been able to participate in this experience!

Current election figures, as they now stand as shown at the Indiana Secretary of State website:

Obama: 1,367,786
McCain: 1,341,774

Total: 2,709,560
(not counting votes for other minor candidates)

Difference: 26,012
Percentage: 00.96%

With the votes being that close in Indiana, it is pretty convincing that the Obama workers, both paid and volunteer, probably made the difference in making sure that Indiana was an Obama state in 2008.

That hair-thin margin represents 11 electoral votes that went for Obama instead of McCain!

Thank You, Annette and her co-workers!

PS: Constitutionally speaking, the new President has not been elected yet --- the US Electoral College will convene and cast their electoral votes on December 15th.