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12 Hot Asians and 12 Hot Mormons Walk Into a Bar...

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It's that time of year when I start thinking about what calendar shall grace my wall asian men redefined calendar.PNGfor the next twelve months. A Zac Efron calendar is currently watching over me (seriously), but for 2009 I think I want a little variety.

My first option is to go "sticky rice" and buy the Asian Men Redefined calendar, featuring lust-inspiring models who will undoubtedly help me get in touch with my roots (or, at the very least, help me get in touch with my own body.) For those of you who care about such things, the calendar is actually a charity cause that benefits the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center.

How about a sampling of some of that tasty goodness? Click the pics to engorge, er, I mean, enlarge:


Yes, I know. Hot! The Asian Men Redefined site is here.

But wait. Maybe lusting after hot Asian guys is not as naughty and taboo as lusting after hot Mormon missionaries?

After the creator of the controversial Mormons Exposed calendar was excommunicated from LDS church and had his BYU college degree withheld, he decided to strike producing a new shirtless Mormons calendar for 2009. For those of you who care about such things, here's an interview with the mastermind behind the calendar. But I eschew the deeper social implications of this whole thing in favor of the calendar itself.


The Mormon Exposed site is here. If you go to the models page and click on the different hunky Mormons, putting your cursor over each model makes his shirt magically disappear -- just like a Jesus miracle!

Of course, both calendars could very well be a bad idea because it'll just distract me from my work. Perhaps I should consider an alternative?


[h/t Hyphen]

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Well, one way to avoid the work-distraction problem is to go high-tech: Or maybe Bil can put together a "Bilerico Contributors 2008" calendar. (Clothed, of course, showing us in action at our keyboards.)

If we all leave our clothes on, we'd probably sell more calendars, Dana! :)

Sign me up for the Asian calendar, please - just for the first guy you showed after the break. I could stare at him for untold hours.

That Google Calendar is so cold and sexless. It'll help me get through the day--but it'll betray my baser instincts...which could very well push me to the edge of sanity. :)

And, even if you're already stocked for '09 calendars, consider kicking API Wellness a year end (or year beginning) donation. They do amazing, grounbreaking work. You can find them at:

Thanks for shouting them out, Chris.

I am a lucky guy dating an asian man. He could easily make the calender with his gorgeous, smooth, toned body. He is also beautiful on the inside, very kind, gentile and caring. I have never met anyone quite like him before. We are going on a four day vacation next week to an exciting part of the country. Can't wait.

I like the Princess calendar the best. You can find boy pics any time you want on the internet, but you really can't express yourself much better than with a princess calendar.

lmao this was a funny one, no doubt.