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A Poem For Barack Obama

Filed By Rebecca Juro | December 21, 2008 11:00 AM | comments

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I am not a poet. In fact, while I've been writing for years, this is my first attempt ever at this kind of thing, so I ask your indulgence. Bad poetry it may be, but it's how I feel. I offer it in the hope that its message will supersede its failings in style and format.

As your big day approaches

I hope you realize

The hurt that you have caused us

Our feelings brutalized

As millions cheer your victory

We cry for what we've lost

To return an invitation

Is it really worth the cost?

We know you just don't get us

We're those who you avoid

I say this as a Lesbian



For all your talk of changing things

For which you are renown

Did you really have to do it?

To kick us when we're down?

We thought that you knew better

We thought you'd understand

How you'd rip our wounds back open

By honoring this man

The message you have sent us

As clear as clear can be

Fairness, freedom, and respect

Are not for those like me

I will not come to Washington

Can't bear to see that day

When the values of a bigot

Are put upon display

I will watch it on TV

But I will tune in late

For I am an American

I will not honor hate

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It's a great poem, Becky! And one of the most original I've seen on the site in a long time!

Wonderful Becky;

I would have tried, but I couldn't find a way to make anything about legitimising Warren and his support of international crimes rhyme.

Maybe this?
Hague Convention Number IV
America will respect no more
President Obama's special guest
advocates crimes we layers detest

My prose for the Obamas:

Does President-Elect Obama realize one of his
Daughters may grow up and find herself
UN-EQUAL to her Mother and Father?

After all,
There is no
"Heterosexual Guarantee" nor
Bestowed upon birth.

Would Obama feel differently about
Marriage Equality If one of his
Daughters were a Lesbian?...Transgender?...Bisexual?

Would He Fight For Her Rights?

I think you've captured how a lot of us feel, even if we're not lesbian, transgender, or unemployed. Poetry isn't easy, thank you for this one.

excellent poem!

i will not tune in at all

this is unforgiveable to me!

and each day, i am prouder that hillary clinton was my 1st choice for prez

alicia banks

John Shields | December 21, 2008 8:02 PM

Excellent poem, and spot on. And the last two lines speak volumes: "For I am an American, I will not honor hate."

Your prose should make us all feel a bit prouder about ourselves and not let those who would kick us down get us down. Thank You.

This is a good way to express the betrayal here. Thanks becky.