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All Powerful Trannies Threaten Humanity

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In his end-of-year address to senior Vatican staff, Pope Benedict XVI, head of the 1.13 billion person-strong Catholic Church,has warned of the dangers of "gender theory," saying it threatens humanity's existence and equating its potential destructive power to that of the disappearing rain forests.

POPE Benedict XVI has denounced gender theory, warning that it blurs the distinction between male and female and could thus lead to the "self-destruction" of the human race.

When the Roman Catholic Church defends God's Creation, "it does not only defend the earth, water and the air ... but (it) also protects man from his own destruction'', the Pope said in his end-of-year speech to the Vatican hierarchy today.

Gender theory, which originated in the United States, explores sexual orientation, the roles assigned by society to individuals according to their gender and how people perceive their biological identity.

The Catholic Church has repeatedly spoken out against gender theory, which gay and transgender advocacy groups promote as a key to understanding and tolerance.

"If tropical forests deserve our protection, humankind ... deserves it no less,'' the 81-year-old pontiff said, calling for "an ecology of the human being''.

Wow. After reading that, I felt very powerful--for all of about 10 seconds. Then I remembered: it's LGBTQ folks who are being viciously murdered with shocking regularity in streets and alleyways throughout the world. It's LGBTQ folks who face the death penalty in Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, U.A.E., Sudan, Afghanistan, and parts of Nigeria, and life in prison in Uganda, India, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Singapore (and several other countries).

These deplorable measures against LGBTQ people are the direct result of the ignorant, bigoted, and hostile statements made by this pope and other very powerful religious leaders throughout the world who understand that Feminism and Gender Studies undermine their patriarchal authority and the stranglehold that their backward-looking religions hold on humanity.

So, yes, we definitely threaten the ongoing survival of their insular, reactionary, and patriarchal worlds.

On the other hand, LGBTQ folks and the Gender Theory that underlies our movement open the door to a better, more egalitarian, socially just ,and environmentally sustainable world for the rest of humanity.

And one more thing. Am I the only person who sees the irony that the leader of the largest Christian church in the world that stands militantly against birth-control and a woman's right to choose--even as the human population nears 7 billion, straining the limits of the Earth's carrying capacity--accuses the LGBT community of threatening humanity's survival?!

Puhleese. The pope really needs a reality check.

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we definitely got ourselves a crappy pope this time.

Oh, Brynn, where is your sense of scientific reality? The Holy See perceives the coming shortage in human seed! ...

... and the Pope is absolutely correct: In order for the human race to come to its end, all that has to happen is for the transgender community to persuade 3.5 billion human males to have their genitalia surgically removed. Plus, all the human sperm stored in cryogenic sperm banks worldwide would need to be destroyed. Then all the pregnant women in the world would have to be forcibly given amniocentesis, and if their fetus was male, it would have to be involuntarily aborted. Finally, the floor in the locker rooms of every high school in the US would need to be scrubbed with chlorine beach, to make sure there isn't any more jizz left on the linoleum from the football team's last unpublicized circle-jerk. As a prudent last-step precaution, we'd have to tie down Ryan Seacrest, have his stomach pumped, and then rinse it out with fresh Coca-Cola.

Don't you realize how dangerously close our species is coming to this catastrophe? Holy Father is only trying to save humanity from a seedless death.

too funny!!!! ryan seacrest....Hilarious

This is a catastrophe, politically. Many US politicians are RC, and will follow the Rat-Zinger's words.

I don't wish ill on many people, but the death of that old Nazi sympathizer in Rome cannot come too soon to please me. He's no man of God, no more a man of God than Robertson, Dobson, or Perkins. To hell with all of them.

This is a catastrophe, politically. Many US politicians are RC, and will follow the Rat-Zinger's words.

I'm not so sure about that. Many Democratic politicians ignore the Catholic Church's teachings about abortion and embryonic stem cell research. I think that the Pope's speech won't sway anyone who wasn't already toeing the Catholic Church's line regarding homosexuality.

If you (or anyone else) can read German or Italian, the text of the speech is here. It seems to be the Christmas Greetings to the Roman Curia and Prelature. I can't read either language and the Babelfish translations made my eyes hurt. However, going by the excerpts of the speech which appeared in the Zenit article it doesn't look as if the Pope really said anything new regarding gender or sexual orientation.

"Gender theory, which originated in the United States . . . " Well, Herr Pope, need we remind you that the first SRS-like operation took place in your home country when you were just a iddy, biddy popester.

"POPE Benedict XVI has denounced gender theory, warning that it blurs the distinction between male and female . . ." Gee Mr. Pope, God has long since blurred the distinction between male and female eons before you were an iddy, biddy popester. Failed biology in Hitler Youth school, did ya?

The popular wisdom is that Benedict is a bad guy, John Paul II was a good guy, and John XXIII was a really good guy. But how much were their teachings any different?

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 24, 2008 4:21 PM

John XXIII did try to make reforms and drag the church into the 20th century...the four popes since his death--especially the last two!-- have, IMO, done everything they could to turn back history vis-a-vis women's rights, population control, and LGBT rights.

IMO, it's the popes and the church that represent obstacles to humanity's long-term survival.

It's funny how each and every time a dominant group wants to discriminate against a minority, they make them seem all-powerful.

And gender theory started in America? I thought that the French had a hand in creating that one too with the work of Simone de Beauvoir. One would think that we could drum beat the "America's awesome!" crowd to denounce the Pope for insulting that traditional Real American institution known as gender theory....

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 24, 2008 5:46 PM

Alex, speaking of the French (and off topic, but) did you see where the NY Times printed a hoax letter supposedly from the mayor of Paris?! Article is here.

So, this "brand new" study of gender theory, which seeks to explain a phenomena that has been with mankind since, well forever, is the greatest danger to the world since maybe, evolution?

Considering the Roman Catholic churches long history of anti-science and anti-intellectualism I am not surprised. Also considering the reactionary nature of the present pope this is par for the course. Of course the same can be said for the religious right in this country.

Pope Benedict can lick the sweat from my now non-existent balls. The day I listen to him, is the day I want an outie again.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 24, 2008 11:17 PM

The day I listen to him, is the day I want an outie again.

LOL. Well said, diddlygrl

Few things this eve:
First of all, JPII was NOT a good guy. He beatified a war criminal, and intended to canonise him.
He was anti-gay, anti-feminist and basically made sure that Ratzinger would be his successor to carry on his will.

Modern Gender Theory, as Dr Ratzinger wisely recognises, was explored in all of its confusing and destabilising implications throughout the US some decades ago. It was formulated by a research institute called "The Kinks," suggesting where they wanted to take the direction of human development and enunciated in a tone poem-research paper entitled "Lola." In it, the authors predicted that "girls will be boys and boys will be girls," and that they were creating " a mixed up muddled up shook up world" so there is no doubt that this early work and it's effect upon gender roles is what Dr Ratzinger is referring to....

*looks for cherry cola*

It sounds absurd to say that gender, like race, is mostly a social construct, but given our increasing biological mutability and ability to function through orientations and expressions without people like Ratzo burning us at the stake, maybe it's headed that way. That would be cool.

It took the Church 360 years to apologize to Galilio for putting him under house arrest for his science. It took them 2000 years to apologize to Jewish people in blaming them in the killing of Christ. I guess when they get around to apologizing to LGBT people for this latest round of hate speech, it'll be the year 4266.

Yeah, the christian church's record on science and scientific thought leads a lot to be desired. Just take a look at evangelicals and "creationism" vs. evolution, and you see just the tip of the iceberg in christianities long history of denial, oppression and suppression of science.

For them scientific methodology is heresy, and reason and logic should be avoided at all costs.

he's been listening to the transgender community's major hater, Dr. Paul McHugh, so we shouldn't be surprised when the anti-transgender rhetoric comes flowing from his lips.

If even one T person is assaulted or dies because of Rat-Zinger's words, he needs to be held in contempt and convicted in the court of world opinion for the blood that is on the papal hands. Blood has been on those hands before.

He's no man of God. He is evil incarnate. I wasn't a fan of JP2, either.

I'm fine with individual Roman Catholics, do not get me wrong. But your Pope should be hanging on a rope. He has committed attempted murder of transpeople.

Well, reading histatents and other proclaimations by the RCC, he appears to be most strongly opposed to the men and women of operative history...and he specifically uses the term "transsexual"

So he is anti-HBS?

He doesn't know the difference between straight pediphile prests and ordinary gay men. It's like asking a first grader to provide detailed distinctions between the various works of Shakespeare.

Hey, all I know is I take a certain amount of pride in being an "abomonition", which is what the catholic church calls post-operative transexuals.

I was actually thinking of making it my middle name, just to save the confusion.

Not all trans folks are so powerful, Brynn. Only you. I've got my eye on you... (When did you have world domination on the calendar again?)

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 27, 2008 1:43 AM

Ah, Bil, you'll only know after it's a fait accompli! You'll know I'm in charge when the Pope's no longer Catholic, hell has frozen over, the sky's lavender, and pigs can fly. ;-)

And, when bears stop pooping in the woods?

Hey, I'm not talking about Bears, as in those who frequent this site. Okay? I don't want to be accused of making anyone mad. Trust me, I love you guys. Are we cool?

I just realized that those Bears might actually poop in the woods too, if they're camping. Okay. My bad.

Better watch it on talking about bears pooping, the pope might make it a sin if you aren't careful.

Then where would we be, up to our knees in bear poop, since they can't go in the woods no more.

The pope never actually said the word "transsexual" in his speech. This was added by the media and if you read the transcript of what he did say, converted from Latin, what he said about gender was that he was opposed to the theory that gender can be mutable or contrived to be anything other than binary. That is a whole other issue and one the transgender advocates and LGB would like to see happen.


It Never Stops:

Thank God for the transgender activists! They have a solid handle on reality. The Pope doesn't.

Oh my God(dess)!

IS someone going to get into this again?

Pot, meet the kettle.

I guess in the TS Canon only transwomen can be well, trans, I mean it sounds like 'transmen' are just another part of the 'transgender' and 'Homosexual' conspiracy against the poor transexual(that is the "True" transexual, not one of these pale imitations that crop up time and again.).

Gee, the catholic church already considers me an 'abomonition'. I think it was then Cardinal Ratsinger who signed off on the term as head of the office of the inquisition (called by some other name, but a rose by any other,,,).

Sorry dear, they hate you, no matter what you may say or think. It is not a question of the "Homosexuals" (of which I consider myself to be, since I prefer women) hijacking your agenda. It is a question of them thinking you are a fag if you like men no matter what you may do to change yourself. They have hated transexuals even more than "Homos" for far longer than the modern LGBT movement has been around. That is why we are killed or assaulted in far larger numbers as a percentage of the population than gay men.

It was quite a shock, when I started transition, to go from the us column to the them side. I had thought, as a white 'male', I had experienced some reverse discrimination as far as employment opputunities went. It was nothing like what I experienced as an out transexual going through transition. I know, and can sympathise with my sisters who just want to disappear after surgery and try and live a 'normal' life away from the queer community and all the BS that it has to go through. I toyed with the idea of going stealth, trying to reclaim that feeling of normality that I lost the day I came out. Being a lesbian though, it would never have worked out. Also, having the shadow of my past hanging over me, an ever present fear of discovery, I couldn't live that way.

The present hetero-normative world is never going to accept us as anything but queer. Transexuals are as much a part of the LGBT community as any of the other members. No matter how many studies are done, how conclusive evidence may become now or in the near future, it will be that way until the passing of at least a few generations and a change away from the restrictive morality of judeo-christian beliefs.

I am just going to live as who and what I am. I have had enough of living one lie for most of my life. Now I will live the truth of being me.

That is all anyone can do, isn't it?

"That is all anyone can do, isn't it?"

Actually ..NO, ...but I am not going to waste my time trying to explain it to you. Read some more of our blog, and a little less of the gay blogs and you might start figuring it out.

I don't get what is going on most the time. All i ever wanted was Peace on earth and some really good homemade ice cream. You know the kind we had in the 70's. Your all strong intelligent people and i wish you the best in whatever endeavors you pursue in 2009. I love reading what you have to say it gives my life some meaning. Love, Ms. Robin!