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Enough is Enough

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Editor's Note: Thomas McGinnis is a 24 year old originally from Philadelphia, PA that currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He's a graduate of the University of Georgia and currently work in the Advertising industry.

Thomas.jpgWe are not a political agenda.
We are not a ballot measure.
We are not a constitutional amendment.
We are not a campaign.

We do not purport or condone immorality as many paint us to do.
We are not child molesters.
We do not crusade to stand in your church and marry.
We do not "reap what we sow", when we die of AIDS.

We understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion.
We understand that everyone is different.
We understand that there are people who abhor the way we live our lives-
We understand.
Why don't you?

We're well aware of your arguments based in religion.
We've also read Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus condemns those who judge others.
We're aware that we will be ultimately judged at the end of this road.
Right next to you.

We're beaten and discarded like trash in the streets of this free country,
We're denied jobs, housing, and services.
We're speckled across political campaigns as a trivial issue that soon fades.
We make progress to enjoy a life we have a right to, only to see it overturned.
We are forgotten.

We're told that we have a choice.
We're sent to therapy, and through programs to change whom we innately are.
We struggle to make you respect us.
We take our own lives to escape your virulent hatred.

We're sent away from our families,
We've seen hatred in the hearts of our own parents,
We've seen brothers and sisters turn their backs,
We've seen entire communities shun us like lepers from their populations.
We are stripped of our sense of belonging.

We're ready to be given the same rights provided to everyone by the Constitution.
The same rights that allow you to condemn us, discriminate against us, and dismiss us.

We are not going away.

We are Gay Americans.

We are Americans.

We are all humans.

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